Cross country trip

what’s up fam, I’m driving from nh to utah next month in my shite of an automobile cos I’m bored, are there any amazing things I should stop and see on my drive there? I’m talking anything worth visiting like a cool monument, hole in the wall diner or a really big tree idk

that’s my projected path so if you know of any cool places or have advice for a dumbass who knows nothing about cross country traveling and is gonna wing the whole trip, please advise me


I can’t tell if you’ll be taking I-80, but if you do make sure to stop by Iowa 80. It’s the world’s largest truck stop and it’s pretty dang awesome. :sweat_smile:


good to know!

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As long as places are actually open by then lmao



in nebraska there’s this place called carhenge, its Stonehenge but with cars. pretty sick

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Planning ahead :handshake:

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