Critique Me Please?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my account and review my content. I don’t have a crazy amount of stuff posted yet (college is hard XD) but just some opinions on what I’ve been doing until now. I’ve posted a couple different kinds of videos and I’m not really sure what people would actually be interested in. Also, if it sucks just tell me directly, I’m really looking for honestly lol.

My username is @AarzuM39

Thank you so much in advance!



I would love to help you out! I checked out your profile. I think you have a lot of cool things maybe you wanna pick a specific niche you wanna focus on and expand on it.

Would you mind checking mine out and review my content don’t have much there because I am fairly new on byte?

My username is @rakshandajha

Thank you

You’re so cute. Just followed you!