Creators of the Week

I would love for there to be some form of weekly/monthly spotlight/showcase feature to highlight up and coming creators. I’m not thinking like “trending”, like on YouTube, but more like a feature where the staff members of V2 chooses creative people and growing vines etc.

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This sounds great, I loved being able to find new creators through the featured page on vine


Here’s a discussion about a trending page:

Also, the concept of “creator of the week” is being discussed here:


That sounds so cool !!!


I hope so!!!

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This is a great idea. It would be a Great way for Beginning and Up n Coming Artists to get noticed👍

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What about a Trending page ???

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there should be a creator for the week for each category so there are more chances.

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Ahhh sort of like “on the rise”??!!

But I’m thinking more like highlighted profiles, not videos.

and if the staff members of V2 make like a poll where anyone can vote, where you choose the ones you think deserve to be in the spotlight/showcase?

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