CREATORS: How do you balance multiple platforms, with fresh, original content

I’m interested to hear from creators how you balance the different platforms. The great thing about all these different apps, Tik Tok, Firework, Instagram, Twitter, V*ne when it existed, Youtube, Like, just to name a few, is there is more potential/more opportunity, but also more work to keep up with different screen ratios, different time limits, and I found I end up having to re-edit 2-3 different versions of the same video to get it to fit in with different apps.

For those of you who use multiple apps, how do you balance video creating? I’m especially interested to hear from people that are working and in school full time and doing this on the side. Do you create different content for each app and keep it separate? do you repost the same video on all apps? or do you play it by ear depending on the video?

I find myself wanting ALL My videos to be on ALL apps lol and I guess I may get to let go of this mentality because it just ends up creating a lot of stress since I have a full time job and school full time…

Some apps like Tik Tok have slowed down a ton. I have 21k followers that are mostly inactive. On V*ne I had nearly 8 million loops, on youtube I had over 7 million views as well but got shut down without any strikes. So I feel like Byte is probably just a great place for me to cut my losses and start from scratch


well i mean, once you figure out your audiences, you can do whatever you like. at the beginning of starting to be a content creator, make all types of different content and post them on all social medias. then, reduce what you post by the reactions and engagement. it is an experiment and it takes some time, but you’ll be in the swing of things!


A tip is to don’t post the same stuff everywhere. You need to change a little bit your content depending the platform you upload so that it becomes interesting and new to all your followers.


thank you, great tips!

this makes a lot of sense! content should be tailored to the audience, and each app probably has a different audience

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I changed topic to #youtube-vine-instagram-etc.

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I’m not really a creator but I AM a social media & marketing manager - if I have something that I want to post across all platforms I definitely try and make minor changes to what’s being posted. That way anyone following us on different platforms isn’t seeing the EXACT same thing. Even a slightly different caption can go a long way, in my experience!

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What I do is post stuff to my instagram in the “comedy in threes” format, unless something is really funny with just one scene.

For instagram: I post a one minute sketch, and use my hashtags and tag people in the posts. TheFakeTyrhee, a good friend of mine who we are always shoot together, typically puts his videos into the draft state with his caption so he can drop it whenever he wants.

Juhahn Jones, another good friend of mine who I typically shoot for (because if you wanna be an influencer, you gotta know how to do everything) only really posts on IG and Twitter. But his IG follower count is now over a million so it makes sense that he post more of his content there.

For YouTube: I schedule my posts to drop on Tuesday at 8:30 am (works with my fledgling audience.) I try to schedule 8 videos to drop (old content), so I’m 2 months ahead of schedule. I’m actively creating Byte content and plan on releasing my own compilation so I can make money off it when my channel gets remonetized. As for the actual content, I post the non-condensed version of my IG sketches on YT. I also have a browser extension that allows me to see the tags I use for YT that’ll maximize hits.

Tyrhee and I actually had a conversation about our YouTube strategy moving forward. Having a schedule definitely helps, but as we’re integrating YT into our content creation, we’re moving forward with him scheduling instead of just randomly dropping, and he’s also started really writing again since his YT is exploding. So as of now, we’re creating original & dramatic content for YT so we can really flex our instruments.

For Twitter/FB: I’ll post the full length sketches, but without all the bells and whistles of YT, and rarely with hashtags.

With Byte (and its predecessor): I’m going to get as much content as possible so I can drop it whenever I want. The ideas that I have for IG, i just cut all the fluff and get straight to the joke. So making a Byte last Thursday took about 5 minutes, whereas IG took about 20-30 minutes cuz of flubbed lines and explanations and stuff.

That’s a surface explanation of my balancing act.


So, I am a musician. I always try not to spread myself too thin between posting on youtube, instagram, twitter, and v***. I think everything takes best to a certain thing. If you post a youtube video, post a picture on instagram saying to go check it out, tweet and v*** kinda what’s on your mind at the moment! I hope that helps :slight_smile: