CreatorCon 2020?

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so i had this idea a few months ago after t*nacon failed (rip) to do this huge convention in san diego called CreatorCon, and i need some help on how to move forward with it.

basically it was supposed to be all creator conventions like vidcon, magcon, coachella, streamy’s, ect., rolled into one 3-day weekend thing where famous and not-so-famous creators could come, chill, share their ideas, and leave with a few awards and some bragging rights. that’s as far as i got in the idea phase. im currently trying to manage a company on my own (so thats taking a lot of time) and im also a student (someone just help me life please). honestly if anyone has any ideas, drop them below… this could be a huge thing if we really tried.


hey ive changed this from general discussion to ideas & feature requests. hope thats okay

u gotta be more assertive in ur topic changing

what’d you mean?

hm u hope thats ok, na it IS ok bc u said so u gotta know what u want and get it u get me

ye kk… first time ive said that so sh

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That sounds dope. I’ll back you. :ok_hand:t5:

:eyes::eyes: dm me. ive gotta few projects going on right now

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omg first u attack me in the discord and now here im not safe

what it this ends up like tanacon

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this sounds pretty great, like not having one convention for youtube, one for ig (Is there even one, if not, great). I would focus one more workshop style rather than big stage shows. but yeah, hit me up this idea sounds great!

yeah it was really like workshop/booth based… like innovation and neutral ground spaces for all. i will definitely dm you

maybe also make it a place where creators can learn from each other