Creator tools idea/wish list

I know a lot of this stuff has been discussed at nauseum, But I don’t see any harm in revisiting the topic.

Let me start by saying I think byte beats is amazing. It’s the feature I never knew I always wanted. I love that it’s made by fellow community members with their own unique musical point of view. It’s perfect way to divert issues with the RIAA. I have two suggestions:

  1. Volume control, so people can possibly talk in their videos and have the beats be incidental music.
  2. Maybe one of our talented musicians can craft beats that sound like well known/often used musical interludes Ex: Curb Your Enthusiasm theme.

A week or two ago somebody made a few bytes citing that byte eems to be utilized more as a gallery for creators then a tool for creation. While I am certainly guilty of using outside apps to upload into my account, I may do less uploads w/the implementation of more camera tools.

  1. A reverse function would be a blast and it’s surprisingly useful (check out @phoolup ‘s uses of it)
  2. I know it’s always brought up but in-app editing would be a dream.
  3. One of my favorite features on vine was the ability to clone frames and then change the length of those frames to create a glitch effect.

I am on the fence about floaties, but I think adding titles is a great idea, would work well with in-app editing.

Too many tools can be overwhelming, like TikTok. I feel like too many bells and whistles can be a hindrance. I think these are all simple enough, without being overwhelming.


Sounds good.

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