Creator Tip // Numbers Vs Engagement & Groups

I wasn’t sure which category to place this in but I wanted to share some quick information to think about! This could be helpful both on and off V2

Numbers vs Engagement

In the world of Social Media, Numbers have become very important. Whether it be followers, likes or revines. These quickly growing numbers attracted advertisers and such which further grew social media’s presence.

As cravings for more numbers and more dollar bills grew, we quickly began to see the “commercialization” of social media. It became more apparent than over that numbers were the game!

People began to come together to boost each other’s numbers. We saw this on vine with the revine for revine, you see this now on certain twitter accounts with retweet groups, and you definitely see this on instagram with instagram pods.

But, there was an issue.

A lack of authentic engagement.

Advertisers would pay these “influencers” for promotion not realizing that they were paying for “faulty engagement”.

Taking Instagram, for example, in these “pods”. You’d see the same accounts commenting on the same photos. Sometimes the comments were almost identical but they were always vapid. These users usually speak via whatsapp and let each other know when a photo will be uploaded so the rest of the members can like and comment on the photo instantly to combat algorithms and such.

I’ve followed some of these accounts and this sort of activity just breeds more emptiness. Plus, when you become aware that they are in a pod, you don’t care much about engaging with their content because you know it is just a “show”.

I also went ahead a purchased some shoutouts from some of these accounts to see what advertisers were getting. The photos would would get the same amount of numbers as the rest BUT the engagement was laughable at best. I’m talking one follower and one like after purchasing a shoutout from an account with 100k+ followers.

Instagram is already working to put a rest to these tactics. From shadowbans to removing accounts altogether.

While big numbers may seem amazing, an account with 5k followers with a 26% engagement rate (1300 unique accounts) is far better than an account with 200k struggling to reach an authentic .5% engagement rate (1000 unique accounts)

As a budding creator, it may seem like these tactics are the way to go but they are not, at least not in that way.

V2 will have a team feature. Many of you are already gearing up and ready to soar which is fantastic! Take some time to talk with your team members about engagement! Don’t worry too much about numbers (they are still important though) and pay attention to engagement!

Take note of how many comments you get and the quality of them when you post. (Are they genuine comments or mostly comments people leave to attract people to their own comments) If you have the ability to see analytics, take advantage!

Think about how many people view your content without liking or commenting. Think about how many people view your content, then view your profile and just click off.

Take all of that info into mind to further build your teams and yourselves! Understanding engagement will help you more than you know! It will allow you to see where you audience is so you can decide whether to adjust your content or adjust your targeted audience depending on your overall goal.

Don’t get too caught up in just the numbers (just yet) but further dive into what they mean! You can most definitely come together and grow greatly and authentically! :metal:

Hope that was helpful :metal: