Creator Notes

I always thought it would have been interesting in vine to have creator notes in addition to the video title. Maybe hidden from the main display but visible by swipe or something of that nature. Does anyone else think this would be a cool feature for V2?


Sorry I’m not quite sure what directors notes quite would be for V2. Is it like comments by the person who filmed the video?

Maybe director notes is the wrong phrase. Maybe creator notes is more appropriate. Just an added extra note about the video to further discribe or explain the video. Maybe even add some background / behind the scenes information as well

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I like the idea!! This makes it possible for the viewer to know what the artist was thinking :ok_hand:

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Notes on a semi transparent background that can be gestured over the V2 artists’ video by swiping left to right (or vice versa) would be cool. Not to intrusive, still hidden, and could possibly be more informative than just a title and caption.

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Ohhhh I see. Tht would actually be super cool!

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You mean captions?

that would be pretty cool! that way we could have more context about the video, etc.


Might be useful to convey context, but most good vines had no need for context. I think that was the beauty of it. :face_with_monocle:

That’s a very good idea, I love it ! And having a feature like that wouldn’t necessarily mean that you HAVE to give context, but just that it would be possible to… And the more possibilities, the better the app will be !

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this is a good idea

I like that. Itd allow people to see what the creator was thinking. From his POV.

Once the app is released and we get comfortable I don’t think there would be anymore needs than captions and a title. But that’s just me :smile:

oh right. you mean apart from the title?

Yes just like a little extra information. Maybe something like “lol this took me 20 takes” or “this was my favorite video to film”

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Behind the scenes notes, interesting idea.

You mean… A description?