Creator Monetization Proposal

I think it would be awesome if @dom and the v2 team thought of a way to innovate how creators are compensated for their work which is not quite the norm with platforms now a days. One thought I had was, what if v2 brokered sponsorship deals for creators and took a cut for being that broker? Say, v2 acquired sponsorship with Nike… Nike pays $60k to run ads over creator accounts for a new shoe coming out next month, v2 gives Nike a form to fill out for desired content and then through algorithmic targeting v2 deploys those ads to relevant creators… How cool would that be?

  • So…rather than viewer habits the ad would be driven by the creator… (example: I will be doing Stop Motion with toys, so a toy company would run their ads on my v2 account… v2 athletes would get the above mentioned Nike deal) and if there is an ad maybe its a banner at the bottom of the vid, but this would only work is the vid takes up your entire phone screen. then, the viewer could click and hold the vid for 6 seconds in order to go make a purchase.

How about a subscription model, similar to Twitch, where viewers who really enjoy a creator’s content could offer $1-10 a month to that creator as compensation for their hard work. No pay wall… The content would be free regardless but if a creator could really build a strong fan base and that fan base wants to help monetarily they would be able to with subscriptions. V2 would be able to take maybe 20-30% of the total subscription fee per person and then that would be a nice revenue stream on top of the aforementioned brokering of sponsorships.

Any thoughts @dom and team???
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You should add your ideas to this thread which is discussing how to monetize v2:

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will do!!!