Creator Growth Ideas

Made in reference to this.
With the pilot partner program in mind, I had an idea involving “bytecoins.”

  • These “bytecoins” :moneybag: are called “Rol(s)”
  • These are worth $0.10 per Rol; to the creator(byter) and can only be bought in bundles by everyone else.
  • For each Rol bundle bought; the company gets $0.05, meaning each Rol is worth $0.15 when buying.
  • Bundle ranges include 25 Rol ($3.75), 50 Rol($7.5), 100 Rol ($15), and 200 Rol ($30)
  • I’m thinking sometimes there will be deals that can give 500 Rol, 1000 Rol, and 2000 Rol discounted at 50%, so like ($75/$150/$300) to ($37.5/$75/$150), but I think that might be pushing it a bit
  • USD in mind, but I welcome international use, if possible

The idea for this is it can either be either an addition to the ad revenue from the Partner Program or a substitute to that more a kin to Tw…ch Bits, and some kind of Pa…on. Think of it as throwing a coin into mug.

These can be send to the creator via their profile, and the creator can cash out through direct deposit, however once that’s done the Rol amount, which can be made visible by choice, is reset to zero and left to wait for a refill.

Just my two cents.
If you’d like to add your ideas, have at it.
[edit: these used to be called Q Coins, but had to be changed just in case. For a reason, you can check later reply updates]


Interesting and sounds very thought out! Who knows ?! Very creative


A creator’s stats can boost their Rol cashout.

  • 0-250 :star: = (rookie) +5%
  • 250-500 :star: = (basic) +25%
  • 500+ :star: = (chad) +50%

Creator has 4200 Rol ($420) and also has 69 :star:. Their [intial] cashout is $441, but they are paid $294

also to @rommie; it’s sounds very thought out, because it was. This stems from a backseat idea to make a substitute to Yo…be, because Adpocalypse, but I have no idea as to how to do that on my own so I figured I give this idea to the forum in the hopes that once their solidified, byte could use this to expand their reach.


It’s also possible to earn Rol Coins based on stats, but only on the first time. A milestone gift if you will.

Also as a joke; 69 Rol for those with 420 :star:. why? :heh: no reason

125 :star: = 50 Rol
250 :star: = 100 Rol
500 :star: = 200 Rol
750 :star: = 500 Rol


Seems like a really cool feature to implement :eyes:


I hope this becomes a thing or even gets looked at as an idea for something similar! Very awesome :clap:


On second thought, a public Rol count wouldn’t be such a good idea; because of toxic clout. Instead, only the byters themselves can see their count.
One other idea is that this also acts as a bank for them to give and take Rols.

For example, a fan gives you 3 Rol to add to your bank of now 10000 Rol. You are also giving 20 Rol to an other creator just 'cause you buds. This would now leave you with 9980 Rol left to either cash out, or save up some more.

I’d also like to add that if you’re looking to consider this a feature, (administration name here), do this after you figure out the Partner Program first; in beta with no monetary value just yet. There could be a scammer/hacker looking to embezzle at a moment’s notice if someone becomes too popular.
[edit: I also became aware of a cryptocurrency scam running about on :youtube: for their creators, so you’ll need to be careful out there everybody.]


You could also earn more Rol if your bytes make it into either “Spotlight;” 2 Rol per 100 likes, or “Popular Now;” 3 Rol per 100 likes.

Another Idea; Booster Rols. Though similar to the Rols given per milestone :star: before, these are more like a license-esque that grant a higher payout.

  • 125⭐️= 15% boost
  • 250⭐️= 30% boost
  • 500⭐️= 45% boost
  • 750⭐️= 60% boost

(these however aren’t granted to everyone, as long as the byter has been apart of the program for a year, then they will be eligible to apply for booster Rol only if they go at or above the minimum amount of :star:.)

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I think I glossed over the company’s share of Rol sales, but hear this out. I’ll keep in mind the takeaway for buying Rols and apply that to cash outs, just to make sure the people behind the service get paid too.

  • Creators take away 2/3s; The platform gets 1/3

Also by default if not chosen, creators get paid biweekly on Sundays

As I said before, you can offer you two cents on this. I ain’t exactly a businessman.

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This seems like such good and well thought out idea, @dom what you think??

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Sounds a lot like failed social media platform Minds.


The “Q” name is a little to similar to this, so new tenative name idea: “••R••; Rol” (roll)

To be clear, it was called Qs inspite of this early-on because I didn’t know it was in beta. That and the “Q” just rolls of the tongue better.


Social Media based on blockchain. Kinda just ended up in a big mess, but I won’t get into that on this forum.

I see what you mean now.

It’s not going to be a cryptocurrency. At least I hope not. It’s basic the creator cash of byte; the idea I have for this often depends on the :star: status of the creators themselves, and they’ll never earn it just be spending time on the app. People got lives to live and likes and rebytes to me are just a way to share what I like to others who follow.

I should also mention a little something I forgot.

There has to be a clear difference between the Rols you buy, and the Rols given to you as a creator.

You can’t cash out the ones that you buy, but you can cash out the others given to you.

If you never bought any Rols and were only given them, then you use the same ones given to you if you give some to other creators.

When cashing out, the Rol amount you bought won’t be affected; only when you give away Rols then the numbers will shrink.

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