Creator/Artist or just excited to see good content?

I’ve been reading and keeping up with a lot of the threads on here since they opened the forums up and I’ve noticed that almost everyone wants to be a creator/artist. I remember on the original app most people didn’t really post vines, they just watched them and an audience is one of the most important aspects of an app like this. That said, I fear that when V2 launches it may just be a hyper competitive group of people fighting for a small audience. In the “Hype” category there was a thread asking about what kind of content people wanted to make and there were only handful unique responses and the rest were saying they wanted to do comedy. This is great, don’t get me wrong, I think creators being excited about making good content is great for V2, but who are the videos going to be for? This brings me to my reason for posting this, does anyone on here actually plan on just being a content consumer? And when I ask my friends if they’re excited about V2 they usually say “oh is that real?” or “not really vine died for a reason” which worries me a little bit. Am I just being paranoid, or do other people share my concern?

Note: I know that Creators/Artists will also consume content but I’m more talking about the people that have no interest in making good content, only consuming it.

TLDR: Is anyone on here just excited to be a content consumer and/or do you know anybody who just wants to be a consumer?

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This is different. Most of us are in an App’s forum. When have you seen that before?

Most are so happy to be able to have a chance or make funny Vs.

I know that people on here are all excited to be creators and have the chance to make v’s and that these forums are to discuss how that’s all going to work but I just want to know what the overall feeling for V2 is with people outside the forums is.

And this is just a generalization of some of the reactions I’ve gotten when asking my friends about it.

Its a mix of both. I have so many ideas that I want to make and have big dreams of being the biggest user, but I’m also excited for the content others post

I think the majority on here are working to be a content creator, but surely the content consumers would follow once the app is out there

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That’s a good point. I considered this and thought maybe as hopeful creators it would be a good idea to informally promote the app to our friends and try and grow the excitement before the release.

Not a Bad idea I’m low-key doing that without realizing it haha

I’ll probably just watch and once I get the self confidence I’ll make a video or two lol

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true man

I would like to share snippets of my music and hopefully interact with other producers for some critical feedback.

On vine I was only a consumer, but now with v2 Im excited to start making my own content,
. Hopefully itll be funny/entertaining