CREATIVITY HELP! Using creativity to break my toxic way of thinking

When someone brings a creative idea better than what I think I can bring I try and tear that person down by nitpicking the idea apart and not supporting their idea. I do not attack them directly but I attack their idea through ignoring the idea or framing questions against the idea that are clearly attacks against them. What I do best is just to ignore the idea. I pretend the idea has no value and ignore the idea. I have this really toxic way of ignoring the best ideas. I pretend I did not even hear them. I do not want to have to come up with a better idea I just want to question their idea. I marginalize ideas by being addicted to ignoring the best-case scenario of an idea in my head. I skip and gloss over the best-case scenario of an idea and instead remain locked into asking nitpicking questions. I am trying to break this toxic form of thinking pattern. Can you help?


Honestly? The Good Place.

The Good Place is one of the best tv shows of the decade. In the podcast, where they talk about the production of it, this topic comes up A LOT: Best idea wins, no ego or pride.
Noticing this attitude is step one, but fixing it takes a lot of time and effort. I find that having a good role model, something that you can aspire too, can help make the process more bearable


“I find that having a good role model,” - Are they on Byte? I want to follow them and learn. Do you have a mentor you can share? I love this idea. I know that is a big ask… can you share your creative mentor with me? hahaha.

I ashamedly have never heard of “The Good Place” … I am sure I have been hanging out at too many bad places in my mind. I am off to Google it. I am thankful for you!

Great ideas are often built around building off other peoples core ideas. Where we are today with modern computers is because of a lot of people “stealing” what other successful computer companies did. However it’s the people who can innovate and make an idea all their own that come on top.

Never steal an idea completely, but building on top of an idea that had a great core I see no fault in. Especially when it comes to Byte it may be worth doing their idea, but tagging the original creator and showing them your version. That way you can continue to build a great community of creative thinkers.

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It’s a tv show. Four short seasons, because the guy who made it didn’t want to compromise his story for some more money. Decided to finish the storyline and character arcs when they needed, instead of squeezing more seasons in, despite it’s popularity.

“The Good Place, The Podcast” is a podcast about the making of the show. The writers, producers, cast, prop makers, costume makers… everything. And in it, this topic comes out a lot. Everyone loves working with Mike Schur (the creator of the show) because of policies like “Best Idea Wins” and the way he makes everyone and everything feel valued, even if ideas aren’t ever used. And this things make his shows be JUST THAT GOOD. Other things this guy made? Acclaimed shows Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Rec.


It is weird that it has this many shows etc and I have never seen any of them. I have never been a TV watcher. My hope is that a community spawns out that has a short attention span like mine. I can not watch a half hour show. Thank God for Byte. Can you ask the people in that show to set up Byte accounts here? That would be awesome. Do you know any of them well enough to ask them? That would be so awesome.

I went back and reviewed your Bytes. Very naturally funny! You seem like a humor natural.

Appreciate it dude. I’ve been in content creation/entertainment for a while now. I saw a lot of bad content before I made even remotely good content. Glad you like it. Dropped you a follow :).

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I do find it weird, since those shows are so acclaimed and loved. When Brooklin 99 was cancelled by their network, there was such a massive public response that it was picked up by a different network in the very same day. That’s not something most shows could ever accomplish…

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My initial thoughts…

I understand if you have no interest in how I think at all. I lose tons of friends when I start to share who I really am. This is hard for me… to share. I loved your BYTES. I liked more than 9 of them now.

I understand if you write me off as crazy after reading the bellow statement… (I get it).

I know I feel sometimes as thought I live under a rock in some ways. It was not until Kanye West made it onto Joel Osteen that I had heard any of his songs and knew about him changing his name from Kanye to ye. My friends gave me a very hard time about it… They told me that he has 28 million followers on Twitter and that I can not ignore someone with 28 million followers and claim to “KNOW” social media.

I need to look up Brooklin 99 and see more. Yes I do live under a rock mentally at times. I think about creative questions alot but in doing that it leaves a gap in my understanding of popular culture. For example when my friends went through the Kanye thing to Ye it then leads me to see the reverse. What? Yes. So then I look at my own last name: Musielski (See the 9 connection?) and then try and think about people who have had a hard name to pronounce that lengthened their last name by attaching their FIRST name to an already long last name. I try and think about all the famous people with a hard to pronounce last name that is longer than mine 9 letters. I try and list all the names of famous people with names longer than 9 letters and come up with a list of them. As I think that way I ask myself …

So when my friends tease me about not knowing Kanye and changing his name to Ye and him having 29 million followers I then now ask them…

Can you tell me the names of 9 famous people with last names of 9 letters or more? What 9 people come to mind for you? (see a 99 connection?).

Then I struggle to even answer my own question. hahahahahahaha

Kanye to ye - 28 million and Joel Osteen…



9 - Musielski

9 - (1) Who are the most famous people you know with 9 letters to their last names?

9- (1B) Who are the first 9 people you think of?

9- What is the 9th Beatles album? The white Album.

9- What is your favorite color to couple with black when creating a design? White.

9- What does that end up looking like? (See My IG). (2) Who are the 9 people you know that only used black and white on their IG pages with at least 1,500 IG posts? I have just under that number and I am looking for 9 people who crush me in their use of JUST white and black.

I then get a stream of 2 dozen more 9 questions that spin through my head and ask myself… Can I even get 9 people to answer the above…?

Can I get 9 people on the Byte forum to answer these two questions?

1-Who are the most famous people you know with 9 letters to their last names?

2- Who are the 9 people you know that only used black and white on their IG pages with at least 1,500 IG posts?

Then it causes me to ask myself… Maybe my time would be better spent going onto zachkings IG posts and asking him in his last 9 IG posts to come and share more BYTES on IG… Could I ask him to do it creative ways on 99 different IG posts or would he block me before I got to 99?

Could I ask Kanye 99 different ways on Twitter to share on BYTE or would he block me before I got to 99?

Who in the world thinks this way? Who are the first 9 people that would come to mind for you? hahahaha…

Who are 9 people who would write an answer to a forum question with a longer answer than this one?

Who are 9 people who would even answer the above questions to help me?

By sharing this have I not shown 99.999999999 percent of people will think that looks crazy and FAR from creative?

Pardon me will I go Google 99.999999999 and see who the 9 first names I can find are the come up when I Google that.

I do not just do this for 9. 8 I is actually my favorite number.

I won’t write you off as crazy just because you think in a way that’s different than me, or even for not understanding how you think at all. I think you’d have to be a really big jerk to do that.
I just found it surprising because of how much those shows weigh in the popular knowledge that’s all. I’m very sure you must have seen memes from all of them, without recognizing them of course.

Anyways, I recommend you watch the good place, and then listen to the podcast. It’s really interesting to hear about how this amazing people think and work on the process of making such a great product, and they really do emphasize what you were asking about in making this topic: using creativity and valuing the best idea, regardless of personal ego.

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I had the same problem. This community really changed me for good. The way I think is like this: every idea is unique. I constantly think about how I could make something better, when in reality, to the person who had the idea, it’s perfect. So I always think about the spirit of the person who made it. You might hate it, but to them it might be inspirational or awesome, so I always think about it like you’re respecting someone’s personal likings.

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There is good to be had by looking at details. You are going too far with it. It’s like a brain agitation thing. Something over firing possibly.

Talking to an exceptionally smart therapist or support network could help. Or do what you are. Recognize and work on it. I’m not in an area with professionals who can help at that level.

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