CREATIVITY FIRST: What is a MORE creative way of seeing 4/20 than the pot connection?

What is a more CREATIVE way of viewing 4/20?

I am thinking of a Byte connecting to 4/20.

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lmao i don’t really know a way, that’s probably cause i live in colorado tho


I would say. Try to not solely make it about pot. Jokes can be told without referencing it directly if you are going in a comedy angle. It’s not necessarily bad to show content involving pot or anything related to it. It’s bad to misinform people about it and to make jokes in bad taste. So as long as we don’t do that we are good.

I encourage everyone to enjoy the holiday! Be safe! Heck put out some content if you’re in the holiday spirit! They don’t even have to be about pot! JUST HARNESS YOUR VIBES.