CREATIVITY FIRST escaping my negative thinking- Creative questions?

I need CREATIVE help with this… (I need creative questions rooted in positivity and not negativity).

I naturally want to judge, think negatively, be critical, offer up no new ideas and take shots at leaders, not use the brain God gave me and think about obvious problems with solutions that I bring and just all around have a negative tone. I am hoping that Byte will help me get better and escape my critical and negative way of thinking… I love negativity in a “sick” way because it makes me laugh or I get to feel that I am better than others by just being critical of others…

I have a friend/mentor who said to me: “BEING NEGATIVE RIGHT NOW IS EASY”

This mentor posed this question to me:
What question would you ask to help people stay positive right now?

My answer: Ask the person: What if you are greater than you think?

What question do you think is a great positive question to be asking people right now?


One thing I realized from this quarantine is that you can literally look at ANYTHING from both a positive and negative perspective. EVERYTHING can have pros and cons…the trick is do the positives outweigh the negatives? Or do the negatives outweigh the positives? And your “mental path” can affect your emotions… It’s possible to be OVERLY POSITIVE as well as being OVERLY NEGATIVE.
The best thing in life is to find your personal balance.

@Stevenmusielski I get where you’re coming from bro. My mama tell me I’m lazy all the time. And there’s some truth to that…but I know she’s telling me that so I can improve myself… We all have our own personal journeys/personal battles/personal objectives…
(This quarantine is turning me into a philosopher. lol)