CREATIVITY FIRST CONVERSATION: Zoom call to talk about Byte

With @stevenmusielski

If anyone else wants to talk about Byte on a Zoom call tomorrow message me on Twitter. The last calls have gone well. I just had a good one right now with a Byte person that asked to remain confidential.

I want to get to know more of you better.


we on a huge discord call on the server.


I am about as excited about downloading Discord as I am Tik-Tok.

Just a preference - I use Slack.

Only 16 people have seen this and one just messaged me.

what’s wrong with discord?

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When you have both Slack AND discord on your computer at the same time it can cause your computer to act weird. I get it that most people here are into Discord. Gamers etc.

discord isn’t solely for gamers, my mom uses discord for work


I am sort of a numbers guy. On average my Linkedin connections WANT Slack not discord and since this Corona Virus? Its gone from Slack being number 1 to Zoom.

The Zoom stuff I am really just connecting with friends right now because I am not sure how much I trust Zoom.

just saying your missing the party

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Ok, I am really thankful for pointing out what I can be missing out on by not being on Discord: What have been the 4 best things (Being specific as you can) that you have learned on Discord that you have NOT found in this forum?