CREATIVITY FIRST (Applying The Art of War) book

Do you think that The Art of War is the thinking playbook that Tik Tok Uses?

Do you think that Tik-Tok uses those types of strategies?

Sometimes but creativity gets hidden when millions of users copies/remake.


Dont think tiktok thinks that way since their app is older. They know about byte and even sent shots at Dom once but dont think they feel or see byte as competition.


And I don’t think it’s direct competition, either.

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TikToc is being put in a position where they need to invest more time and energy dealing with PR problems. As such things compound, that gives communities like this one a better chance to shine if we ourselves are honest and compassionate. People should not shun or hate on tiktok users coming here, the only thing people should shun is byte being changed into something more like tictok is right now. People’s dislike for the platform is actually to its benefit, because it’s making people on this platform alienated it’s user base and feeling less comfortable here which should not be the case. As time goes on, we benefit from them coming over and bringing the audiences, but they need to play by our rules.


You did not make one point that I would disagree with.

“honest and compassionate”: I have never thought about those as core values of Byte but I do see them.

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If I had to guess at Byte’s full business plan from everything I’ve seen so far, I get the sense that they’re closer to HQ Trivia than TikTok or Facebook; they’re an app that wants to have the business model that’s closer to a TV show than a social media outlet.

So, they don’t need to grow or massively proliferate as much as other platforms do - and I think that mass proliferation is where a lot of the bad-faith stuff comes from on the other platforms. Such as using using addiction models, unmoderated bullying, security issues and all that other crap that we’ve been seeing.

And I think structurally, that’s where Byte’s better PR management benefits.

Also, I saw your DM on twitter and sorry for never getting back, been busy with…ugh.

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