Creativity first -Applied

With a core value of “creativity first” it is going to lead to highly differentiated things Byte will have that other social media companies don’t have?

Other social media:
When I think of other social media sites they seem to value: what gets followers, likes, views and promoters first because those will lead to ad dollars and that’s what we care about is “ad dollars” though we will say other things that is our core value.

I want to help Byte in their “creativity first” mission by looking for original things to rebyte. Yes, I see creativity through the eyes of originality. When I think creative I ask myself: did the person Byting this create this? How do you see this issue?


To have creativity that other social media companies don’t have i think there is slightly that now in byte but obviously it is the first few stages of this app since it’s been released to the public. One of the biggest things i would say that differentiates the app from others that value followers, likes and views is Zen Mode. Basically you won’t find any big company with even something like that as an option. But its a nice feature and great for some people who compare and their mental health. Another highly differentiated feature would be the Partner Program. Besides Youtube most people are not making money from their content. And compared to TikTok and other social media sites it’s a great way to rival and compete when the Partner Program starts.

I can’t really speak for everyone else but my content would count as creative. I’ll give you that it’s harder to see what makes some categories have creative looking content. But for me, since i make art bytes so it’s a little easier to be original there.

This is kinda tricky at the moment tho. It’s easy at times to see and report the accounts that are just uploading stolen content but sometimes those accounts get too successful off of stolen content anyway. Not all people can become aware that the content is stolen or that its an account that is a frequent abuser of stolen content. Or some people will steal a popular joke or something that was seen on TikTok and put that content on byte, and when they do they get called out for it since it’s highly discouraged**. Other than that we try to keep it all creative with original jokes, or animations, or any other type of content on the app.


Devyn, I agree with you and really have not checked out that mode. What is NOT here is what is so powerful to me. When I saw the money pool my first thought was this: I think that Byte can bring in creative arts philanthropy money. It would not surprise me to see that happen. Imagine a 10 million dollar donation for Byte creativity. Why is this important? With robots, machine learning and AI the biggest problems in my view will require genuine creativity. I think Byte is creating a culture that can genuinely bring great solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Other social media companies can talk about solving world problems but their structures are too far down the road to be genuine. I am very hopeful for what Byte can do for the world if they stay committed to: “creativity first”.

If every decision and every application is viewed through that lens Byte will transform the world for the better.

When you listen to leadership a year or two years from now and you hear “we did that because we started with a creativity first” decision making process this will be the very best place to be on the Internet. I have been here less than a month.