"CREATIVITY FIRST" 1-10 how true is this?

On a scale of 1 through 10, how true do you see this point about creativity?

For something to be labeled “creative” it needs to be highly unique.


It has to be 7


Yeah, agree with above :point_up:t5:.


If you ask me, I think we have developed a really elitist view of creativity. Hear me out:
Creativity, by definition, is: having the quality or power of creating (to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.)
That doesn’t specify it as being something that hasn’t been created before.
By the very definition, simple photos you take on your phone are creative…as they are not made by ordinary process (because let’s face it, technology is not an “ordinary” process).
Does that mean we should run around copying everyone else? Nah, not at all. People would argue that trends aren’t creative…but I would disagree. Take bytefighter, for example: sure, it’s the same type of thing over and over again, but each one is created uniquely with varying elements, in styles that are mostly…unique to its creator!
Now you’re thinking: “Allison, not all trends are like that.” and you are right, there are tons of trends that are just copy/paste, but for byte specifically…that’s fairly uncommon!

Tiktok is rife with copy/paste type trends, and it gets a rep for being cringe and unoriginal…it’s easy to “create” because the ideas are pre-made. We shouldn’t let that ruin our view of creativity tho…lots of people have it within them to be creative in the more unique sense we are talking about, but are afraid to do so and the copy/paste environment is sometimes a stepping stone for people by allowing them to slowly come out of their shell in a way that feels safe (think of the leader/follower mentality here).

TLDR: we view creativity with an elitist mindset…take a step off our highly creative community and look at the true basics of creativity…and remember that creativity is anything created that isn’t organic to life.
Look for the beauty and simplicity…and life will be so much more stunning. Promise.


I’d have to say a solid 7


It really depends on the creators content honestly. Some of my posts can be considered a 1/10 but a few can maybe be 7/10. It all depends on what every individual person defines as “creative”.

I can view a byte as a solid 10/10 but the next guy will see it as a 2/10.


I was gonna say something similar to this. Thank you


Creative as a whole is highly subjective.
What I deem as super creative is not universal whatsoever…

I think the internet and the ability to find pretty well anything and either view it or have it within a few days time/churn out and publicly publish anything instantly has seriously altered our views of what’s creative.

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For me a 10 for others its a 1 and those people get reported and blocked hehe :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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This is something I’ve been considering.

What about a byte, and byte Creator app version?

Like a super small viewer type app that likes you like, comment, rebate, and follow but that’s it. No camera, editing, etc.

That would make it easier for anyone to have it on even their legacy type devices,

Then, for the people who want to create, you could have the full featured BytePro.

I remember seeing a study where like 80% of the features of an app where either never clicked on, or only once, and never again. It showed a heat map of the interface screens and it was crazy how only like 2 or 3 features were being used.

The same thing was true for MS Office, which is a big part of the reason they went to the more graphical ribbon interface.

Any thoughts @dom ?

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I think it’s important to allow people to have the ability to be creative or have the option to at least, and I understand your concept, but that would make it like two different apps.
That’s a cool idea, but a lot of people would download the largely consumer based version and just out of laziness/apathy…would never bother with the creative side, no matter the inspiration.
I think having it separated like that would cause the creator pool to kinda stagnate.
Could be wrong, but that’s my thoughts.


5 = 50%

Everything new has already been thought of. Creativity is to try, not to do.

Well said, and i said this yesterday. But when something “new” comes along people don’t participate, because they’re trying to uphold this image at the cost of genuine fun.

I definitely agree with the consensus of 7

However, @radicaltrash makes a good point. Copy-paste trends give TikTok a cringe / unoriginal reputation. I also agree there’s a difference between a trend and a copy-paste trend.

So far, Byte has done a really good job of avoiding copy-paste trends. The exception being byte fighter - however, this trend is more community-focused so I kinda have to give it a pass, since it’s not exactly designed to breach into the non-Byte world.

everyone make this their bio please :joy:thank you for giving the actual definition and not an opinion on what it means.

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Then that leads to defining create? Which do you think is best?

Websters: Create definition is - to bring into existence.

Oxford dictionary: to make something happen or exist .

Dictionary. com: to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes

I think Creative and Creativity are similar but not identical subject. It’s kind of like conjugating verbs, it’s the same word but depending ont the person and time it has a whole new meaning. To me Creative sounds like a trait ex. ‘‘That is a creative person’’. As for creativity sounds like a thing or an object ex. ‘‘use your creativity’’ or ‘‘it really took creativity to make this work’’.

But lets go back to what you meant by you post. All of these are basically the same thing just written differently and more in detail. but again like @radicaltrash said

exemple memes are a perfect exemple that people can say their uncreative in 2 ways (both of which I can disagree with). So lets say their’s a subject that is a popular topic for the meme an exemple of that currently is Queen Elizabeth not dying and being old. In every meme, the main take away is that she’s very old and seems to not age or show any signs of being mortal. However although each meme is by nature the same they all have a certain flare or twist that makes you laugh again and again even if the joke is recycled. The other way is if there’s a popular image or ‘‘template’’ to use. This is the same thing than the last point, except instead of the environment changing the plot changes. TikTok is a good exemple of this because ‘‘copy paste’’ video formats are pretty frequent. However even if the video looks the same the story telling is different each time.

the main take away is copying is unoriginal but happens sometimes, however inspiring yourself based on things is different. Exemple could go on a tangent about sensory deprivation and how it could be linked to this but I won’t lol :joy:. Basically as humans we NEED to look at things, and our brains use that as a starting point to go off of.

TLDR: Inspiration can be interpreted as copying and ‘‘unoriginal’’ but its simply not the case.

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