CREATIVITY "Byte" presenting to business men. (Zoom call)

(Zoom call)

Do you relate well to business leaders etc?

I run an offline men’s group that has not been able to meet recently that has business people in it. I would like to present Byte to them from a different perspective than just my own. The group usually has about 50 people showing up and I have an invite list of about 350 that brings in the 50. I am doing a Zoom test if you want to Zoom connect and jump on a call to talk about it first you can message me on

Twitter @stevenmusielski

The purpose is having you talk as an ambassador to Byte and after the first presentation, we can get better. If this works it could be really exciting. I hang out with really great people… I am here right?

What would the purpose of presenting Byte to these people? - Are you saying they’d be potential investors or something? Or are you thinking they’d be new creators on here?

My hope is that they can see value in Byte for a wide variety of applications. I liked a few of your Bytes by the way. Funny. I was going to wait 6 months after watching your most recent Byte. “The power of Procrastination”. hahahaha… When you get the time you can message me on Twitter. — I understand… “Procrastination”… hahahaha…

I’m glad you liked my videos!

That doesn’t exactly answer my question - though it does give more context. Is it just that you want to show them the app? Or is there some further action you’re hoping they’ll take after they’ve seen the app?

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Tom, I count three questions. hahahaha…

Sorry - it’s all the same question, just phrased with different prompts. I’ll simplify:

What do hope these people will do after seeing the value usage variety of Byte?

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