Creating content while depressed

This is taking a lot for me to be open about this, especially as a first post on here. I am generally a happy, positive person with a great joy for life. However I do deal with depression from time to time.

I know that there will be other creators out there that are dealing with issues such as depression. How do you deal with these sorts of things in relation to creating content?

I find that when I have an episode (every few months or so), I shut down and can’t really create anything, which can go on for weeks. By the time I am back, it seems that anyone that I was in regular contact with has moved on and become more popular and I feel I have to start again finding a network of people. I end up being stuck in a loop of this and I feel I miss out on getting to know some really great people and bettering my content.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe this happens to others and I just don’t realise.

Do you have any tips or ways that you push through this so that you can continue creating?


You are definitely not the only one, that’s never the case. As someone who doesn’t experience those episodes though I don’t know how valuable I can be. @stephtaylerlive just put out a new YouTube video on creative blocks and maybe some tips in there can help you when things are tough?

Hashtags and LNBB challenges also might help people then you don’t even have to think of the topic, you just have to play along.

I am taking wild swings but if you’re ever struggling you know where to hit up your friends here


This might sound a little insane, but as somebody who has ADHD and depression, I find the best way to manage the latter is by occasionally giving into the quirks of the former.
Now, to be clear, when I say that I’m talking mainly about the impulsivity and hyperactivity aspect. When I’m filled with energy or in a good place, I create. As much as I can.
An example of that currently- I’ve had a really, really good week. As a result, I have 5 videos queued up to release, and at least another 5 or so to film. If I continue in my good period, I’ll strategically pick which ones to upload when, and deepen the number of videos that I have so that when I invariably hit a rough patch where I’m too tired or need to focus on my mental health, I have some content to put out.

Outside of that- I’m going to use an exercise comparison, and for that I’m already going to apologize. I enjoy exercise for the most part. I also HATE hyping myself up and actually getting to the exercising bit. So I trick myself. I tell myself I’m putting my shoes on for something else. I step on the treadmill to check if it works. I tell myself that this one song will be the only one. Then the next. Obviously, this only works for the milder patches. If you cannot move yourself out of bed- I understand. Take the time, if life affords you. Listen to a podcast or audio tape or watch your favourite comedian or movie.

That being said- your mental well being comes first. Don’t force anything for something recreational if it will end up negatively impacting you. Maybe take some time out to simply consume content if that works for you. Those who enjoy your content will still be there. You are important.


Oh thank you, I will definitely take a look at that video. I think if the creative block can be pushed through that can help dramatically. I think getting caught up in the block can cause an infinite hole that gets harder and harder to get out of.

I’ve enjoyed the LNBB challenges a lot and hope I can take part in this week’s. I have found the timings of those don’t quite line up, but I suppose there are no rules saying you can’t take part outside of the challenge too!

And for sure, I feel I definitely can reach out to some people here :blush:

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Regular anxiety and depression, here. A good chunk of ADHD as well.

Currently in a very low patch. Recovering from surgery and it being so hot outside is just exacerbating things.

In times like this focusing on others seems to help. It’s not a cure, but it helps.

Instead of creating I just do a deep dive into the app. I’ll surf through “your mix” or just scroll really far into different categories. Discovering new people, commenting, encouraging, sharing cool stuff with whoever will listen. It’s two-fold. One, I’m still maintaining a positive presence on the app, and two it’s a healthy distraction. Seeing new things feeds the creative reserves that have run dry. And it’s helping smaller creators get noticed.

You’re not alone in this. The low times suck so very much. But there are so many of us that share your experience. It’s going to be ok. Your true value does not come from an app.


That’s true about not forcing yourself to make content if it’s actually going to hurt you. I sometimes feel that the stress of feeling I HAVE to put something out can overtake the initial problem in the first place. I think I have become pretty good at carrying on in other aspects of my life, but it is important to step back and really assess your priorities and whether forcing one thing is actually a bad idea.

I quite like the idea of tricking yourself! And no need to apologise about the exercise reference! Sometimes you do just need to start something and get the ball rolling, then everything kind of just falls into place and is easier than you build it up to be in your head.

I currently have a store of spare content in place for just the reason you were making in your first point. I think the risk is becoming complacent and not being used to the actual making of content, but it is a good tactic for the short term.


I don’t think I can add any more to the discussion than the others did so wonderfully but I am sending you so much love. :revolving_hearts: I know it can seem hard to find the light in what feels like a black hole. My method is just to embrace the feelings and not try to change or ignore them. Use it. You have to go through depression, there is no way to go around it.

@Jaurshe sending you love my friend. :heartbeat:


I think that that is a great idea and way of handling. Still keeping going by supporting others but taking a step back for yourself.

I think something that has helped today is talking to people on here as well. I think it’s easy to feel helpless and isolated but just reading the replies here has put things into a nicer light.

I’m sorry that it’s not a great time for you. I do hope the surgery recovery goes as well as possible. I know how frustrating it is to be recovering from something and feeling a little stuck! We’ll just get some AC on you!


I know how it feels. To feel of no Value, to cry your self to sleep, to have no friends to relate to because you’re to kind of a person.

I promise we do want you here. I want you here. Sometimes you need alone time to think and that’s ok. Just comeback to us when you’re ready. We are waiting for you. I’m making hand hearts I promise.


Thank you :blush::heartpulse: I guess it’s the fine line between letting it all happen but not letting it consume you.


Aw thank you! The level of support on here is very humbling and sweet.


I stop doing everything I used to do for a month or so and then one day I force myself to start doing it again :,)


Hey there. Hope you’re doing well today. Idk how you are with scheduling things or forming processes, but what works for me is following this:

“Make a video when you want. You arent on a schedule”
“Write down what you want out of your videos”
“Find the phys/mental state that sparks creativity”

After a shower and dinner, I give myself a window to start. If I don’t by the end of the window, I just chat with ppl on the app / forum for a bit and call it. If the people you were in contact with are “moving on”, they might not be ppl you wanna associate with? I don’t know your situation, but if ppl ghosted me, I would absolutely reconsider how I met them.

Hope this helps. If you need someone to chat with, feel free to hmu.


Aw haha that sounds like me. I literally stop everything and then all of a sudden am like “Screw this, I have ideas and no-one’s going to stop me!”

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Hey hey :blush: I am pretty rubbish with scheduling my personal life.

Thank you, that does help. I like this as there is not too much pressure but you still have the social aspect.

Use the momentum and clarity of your high points to plan out your ideas and create a backlog of content. During low periods where you don’t feel like making anything, you’ll still have a trove of content to post. Also use this time to celebrate and hype other people’s things. If i’m not creating, i’m commenting here or on the app.

Having a sense of productivity by still being able to push out new content and remaining active and “seen” in the community can act as a counterbalance if you feel yourself sinking or spiralling.

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i’m in that state right now (dealing with anxiety and the loss of a relative), and i totally get it. having no motivation, no energy, and just feeling lazy. it’s the worst, and a short break is sometimes necessary to bounce back from these episodes. when i say a break, i mean just completely pause. try not to even think about your next idea, because that’s still putting pressure on yourself to put content out there.

when it comes to losing some of your following, it may or may not happen but you have to remind yourself that your well-being comes first. i’ve lost followers even while i was regularly posting. when you come back with more content eventually, that following will return as well. as for people you’re in contact with/mutuals, i would just try to give them a little heads up that things are rough at the moment and you need to disconnect for a bit.

i know your question was about pushing through these episodes, but please give yourself a break if you need it!! burnout is something that a lot of OG youtubers suffered from for YEARS, and i’m guessing it’s because they felt like they had to keep going otherwise they’d lose their audience.


Trust me when I say you are definitely not alone. After my dog passed away last month I hit an all time low, my depression, my anxiety, all this stress that I carry just piled on top of me. I had never dealt with any form of death especially in my family. So when this happened it really hit me hard. I couldn’t really do things that I would generally love to do like making content, talking to friends in the community, I really shut down and It took about a week after my dogs passing that I had the ability to inform others that I was going to continue to be absent due to my loss.

Even though I’m back and posting daily as I usually did now… I still haven’t fully recovered from this loss. plus this isn’t the only thing that’s been going on in my life that has affected my depression. I have so much shit that goes inside this big head of mine it’s like a war of thoughts going in deep inside every single day, but i’m thankful to have the love of my life by my side to help me and talk about what i’m going through in these hard times. I tend to hold a lot of things deep inside and eventually I hit a breaking point. I’m not great at suggesting ideas but what I do is talk to someone who I trust and not only that but someone who will actually listen. I have my dark days but I always manage to overcome them. I get back to being the loser of this app with the weird content and I truly enjoy every second of it.

If anything you have a great community here that’ll be there if you need us.


Going through this now.

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I am so sorry for your loss :frowning: I am glad that you have people around you to support you.

I am the same for letting things pile up and up… when I was younger, I used to bottle things up until I would explode at the most minor of things. I don’t have it as extreme now I’m older but today was unfortunately one such day.

I find it so hard to notice I am spiralling down until I am already in it, at which point, I will start talking to my family. The hardest response to get to that is ‘oh why didn’t you tell me? I would have understood and tried to help’, because often you do not notice the warning signs, and then feel like an idiot for not recognising it sooner. It’s definitely a frustrating way to have to go through life.

I do feel that this is such a supportive community. I know that this is the first time we’ve spoken but of course if you ever need to talk, I am here. :blush: