Creating content before it releases

Many posts have been speculating how exactly the app will work. Now we have a good enough idea that creators can start making a backlog of content before the app is released. I have been gaining a following on the app called TikTok, my comedy is definetly evolving and I’m starting to get a hand of it. (If you want to give me feedback my username is @EthanTylerSmith)

Anyway, my question is if I want to post videos from one app, should I recreate them? Or should I post them with the ugly TikTok watermark?

Also what will you be doing to prepare?


Would either recreate or save them without the watermark?


what’s a tik tok?


There are plenty of posts just like this.

Please search the forums prior to creating a new topic.



It’s musically but rebranded as of last summer. It’s on any App Store.

TikTok bought and integrated it into TikTok.

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Are you the same person that was on Derek Gerard’s channel? :open_mouth:

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did you really have 3 mill on vine?

3 million loops @Reallyahmed

Yup, that’s me.

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how do i find ur vine user :smiley:

lol idk why but this made me laugh out loud.

i think it reminded me of one time when one of my friends said “what’s an ariana grande”

I’m glad you posted this Ethan because I was wondering the same thing. I’m also on tik tok, I only have 20k followers and a lot of them are inactive. I would say definitely recreate the content, or see if you can crop the logo out. I know tik tok makes it difficult to crop because they put the logo on the top and the bottom

This is a tough thing because if lots of people are pre-creating content, the app is going to be flooded with backlogged content from the moment it is released. This is going to be an interesting game for sure. The difference between this and vne is that when Vne started to take off, people didn’t know what hit them. But now people have already had several experiences with video looping apps, so people are planning and scheming and may or may not have all kinds of expectations about this new app, myself included. I am excited to see what unfolds

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That’s a good point. On one end, we’re gonna have some pretty good content meant for the format. And on the other end, we’re gonna have hundreds of thousands of people competing against each other for the same thing. I’ll see you out there in the field. Gg :joy:

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It’s a song made by the queen (Kesha).




ahhh right, thank you for clarifying


Duplicate post. :mrs_claus: