Creating Categories on Byte (Liking)

Probably byte will come with categories such as Comedy, music etc… and Hopefully there will be lot of contents. But after a while some old good videos will be overwhelmed by the new good videos. To find the old videos we would need to scroll down the whole likes section, which can be boring. However, it would be nice if there could be something as save section where you can save a video you liked to specific category that you can choose. So when you wanted to reach an old video you can easily find it from your saves. But this saving thing shouldn’t effect the video’s popularity as it does on instagram. Sorry if this had been a topic already, but as far as I saw, it wasn’t :confused:


I really like that idea! I just hope that if people can save bits it won’t make it so people rebyte videos less because rebyting can help spread popularity for the creators. :man_shrugging:t3:


i love this idea! a great way to keep things organised and saves time for you to find it. @dom please consider :grin:


Yes I want this…


this is a good idea!!!

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Yes! Love this idea, makes things so much easier to find

I like the idea

its a bit confusing why not just say that byte should have custom playlists

I was not saying byte should have custom playlists. I was trying to say that when you like a video you should have an option to save that byte to somewhere called saves or something like that. You should be able to create categories in saves part and label each label as you want, same with what instagram does.

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@pugplug u stoopid :running_man:‍♂

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But thats what a playlist is and custom means your own doing so a playlist you made of byte vids isnt a custom playlist?

but likes will still be a thing, so the option to make playlists from likes makes sense

yeah i like this idea, sounds like instagram’s collection feature very useful! (: