Creating byte team

hello everyone! i’m sierra aka millennial.trash (aka kaden stan) :heartpulse:

i want to create a byte team for creators 18-25. i figured i just had to log out and create a new account listed as a team but that isn’t working. does anyone know how? would i have to download byte on another device to create a team account? is ‘team’ and option when creating an account or is it an unofficial thing?

pls help :upside_down_face: thnx!


Think it’s an application process currently

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now just creating a different account, i would have to use a whole other device to do so?

No just logout and create one with a different email account. You need to share the log in details with your team members and then use the account, I think there’s some requirements like minimum amounts of posts and followers, then apply.

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Hey! This is what I did for our house profile:

  • I started a new gmail strictly for the byte account (since house members will need to log into the google account to log into byte, I figured its smart to have a separate gmail with a clean slate)
  • I made a completely new profile with the house name (i.e. TheMillennialHouse)
  • I made a logo for the profile picture, added a bio and started sending out house member applications.
  • to make an application, I found it best to use google forms and type out a questionnaire with basic questions (username, age, contact info)
  • last but not least spread the word! make a few trailers for your house, build hype(no pun intended) and try your best to get people excited. another helpful tip is to shorten the google forms url( and put that shortened link in your bio so more people can apply. filter the applicants, see who you like and get them into your house!

some things to keep in mind regarding house profiles: there needs to be a minimum of 3 members, 15 videos posted on the page, and 100 followers before you can apply for a house profile.

key tip: start a group chat either on snapchat or discord so everyone could communicate and come up with content :blush:

I wish you the best if you need any help with anything just find me on byte

hope this helps!


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