Create the first team on V***

So what’s your thoughts on Magcon
If you don’t know who they are… basically a group of viners created a team together to grow off each other.

We’re thinking of creating a team of 20 new Viners. The team would consist of both males and females.
The age limit to join would be 14 to 20. Also Viners who join must have good content. This just means that they are dedicated and not the spammy type.

The goal is to eventually grow big as a team.
People seem to like teams because they seem more sophisticated
This is just a thought and something interesting that we wanted to do. There’s already three of us so we have a good start.
We’re 17 and you could check out our YouTube here @MKZ Nation

If your interested dm us on instagram @mkz.triplets

Also comment below what you like about this idea and what you don’t like.

Instagram: @mkz.triplets


We have tons of comedy sketch’s ideas. We’re gonna focus on comedy for ■■■■■■.

Pretty amazing idea, but out there is people with more age so… maybe they could have the same opportunity?


Okay but what would this team actually do though? Ever since larger youtubers started making ‘teams’ everyone wants to make or be in one, but like what would the practical day to day functions of this team be?

Also what kind of content is this team geared toward? Asking because I think teams only rarely work without 1 or more people already being fairly large creators and content synergy within the team is pretty important.

I’m in, guys ! If you wanna chat my Twitter ID is MaxSolaro !

Dm u on your insta! Everyone else should do the same!

Magcon was extremely unique and I liked their overall goal and it so crazy how majority of the people in Magcon did well. I think we should wait till V2 comes up and I think “Teams” depend on a company (sponsor)idk and niche (type of content)


Ugh, Magcon was the beginning of the end of Vine. But I’m sure there will be more just like it on V2. It’s just inevitable.

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I cool with that

I’m in i don’t have an Instagram but my twitter is @Matt20018

You follow me and I’ll follow you

Yeah we’re thinking of just waiting to build a team. And then when the app is out for a while, we see who have a couple a hundred followers and start a group then
We feel it’ll be easier that way… so we know who has more traction

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Very interesting idea for sure, I’d be for it. I went ahead and DMed.

This is v2, so please call it that. It’s not vine.

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We’re still accepting people @mkz.triplets

Yo add me on twitter @TylerIsAlright !!!

Well I would sure love to be part but I’ve never did a vine, so maybe I can join when I have some more experience