Create Sub-channels

Today, Byte updated with new channels for Lil Peep, alt, and Subway Surfers. While this is great, I think that having a channel for super specific things is unnecessary.

We already have a Gaming channel, so why add a new channel about a certain video game, wether it be Subway Surfers or Minecraft?

Another example could be the celebrities and the aesthetics. There are tons of channels for individual people (Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, etc) and aesthetics (cottagecore, alt, indie, punk).

What I think the Byte team should do is make sub-channels for their topics. Or, for naming sakes, Stations (Gaming, Celebrities) and then Channels (Minecraft, Lil Peep). This would help clean up the search section, organize topics, and bring communities of people together in a Station.

Overall, the state of the search section and channels irks me and I think it could be easily fixed in a cool way. What are you thoughts?


Yes yes yes! I realised how many animals channels there are now. Cats, dogs, rats, frogs, etc. could be tidied up if listed under Animals and split them as sub channels


I wanna see /gaming/Minecraft kind of naming convention


Also, having a channel just for one famous TikTok creator is really stupid. More reason to have a Celebrities Station.

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This is just an evolution of Vine’s featured creator channel tbh. However, I understand that people will feel upset since they just joined

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great ideas, byte app twitter has been responding to tweets similar. explore page is being overhauled and sub-channels / better filtering/search is coming etc.

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are getting lost halfway