Create /politics channel (totally not a clickbait ❤️)

Lots of Political Tiktokers (eg. Conservative HH :clown_face: or Republican HH :skull:) are starting to migrate to Byte so I suggest Byte creates a new channel called /politics

So I can block them all at once :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: PERIODT :nail_care:

Btw, Will Byte allowed me to block certain types of content?

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long as you follow Byte guidelines


I know that but maybe there are some certain types of video that I don’t really like (ex. maybe I hate cats and I don’t want to see cat videos)

Will future updates have that kind of thing? Maybe a not-interested button at the channel?

not - interested button was supposed to be a thing but…


I totally get them but not-interested button in Tiktok is something that only effect you, not the entire app or on the video itself.

Basically just a block but not a total block.

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/politics channel

Yeah…how bout nah? They’ll fade out once they realize nobody gives a damn

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i personally would rather politics just be discouraged from byte, i go on social media and creative platforms like byte to escape the real world and all its politics and i know many people feel the same :frowning:

i tend to be pretty inclusive about people and their own art but politics on social media platforms never ends how it should and instead becomes a defining part of a social media platform… look at FB recently where they refused to side with or get involved with politics, they loose 100s of advertisers


i get it, it’s something they’ll be experimenting on-term. you gotta keep in mind that this app came out 5 months ago (public) there are a lot of great features they’re implementing but will take time since the team is currently small right now. :upside_down_face:

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Yeah I really don’t like politics to be on creative platforms (not just Byte but other as well!) but it would be something the app cannot avoided.

Some political account from tiktok are already on Byte rn :sob:

yeah, just gotta have trust in the team in that they approach it correctly (which i am sure they will)

time will tell! :eyes:

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Political content shouldn’t be suppressed, but it also probably shouldn’t be promoted with an entire channel because I feel like that will inevitably lead to harassment.


Plus it would give people a place to go just to start arguments/report posts just because they don’t agree with what’s being said.

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The cap is what? 16 seconds. There isn’t a way to share politics in such a short time.

I’m not someone saying politics shouldn’t be on byte, idc what people post.

I just highly doubt people who want to talk about politics will be able to do so with such a small time frame.

But also I don’t want the time to be extended. I like where the cap is currently

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No :heart: look at some of these videos

Or this

16 seconds is enough because most of tiktok sounds are usually equal or less than 15 seconds :skull:

These people usually made politic video as a joke so you can literally give them 6 seconds and they still can made it within the time frame :crying_cat_face:

Could we get some benefits of there being a politics channel too?

I personally think it’s a bad idea but it’s always good to have some other opinions.

We can block them all at once :heart_eyes: if that became available in the future :sweat_smile:

No, like actual benefits. :joy:

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Maybe we give them place to post a video instead of them posting on /general channel and the videos can easily be moderated !

nah I am not a fan of politics period. This is a community that isn’t for politics. It’s just going to create more tension within the community

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