Counterfeit V2: what now?

It seems like a lot people (kids) download the dollar store v2. As I type this, it’s trending no.4 on the app search page. What does that means for actual app?


It’s not going to harm the app in any way. Just one problem, some people actually believe its the actual app. There is even a fake dom going around emailing people.

These fake apps and profiles can lure users into giving personal information, etc. All we can do at this point is attempt to inform the public.

One idea I had was for dom to upload a youtube video stating all the confirmed details for v2, and then we can just keep sharing that everywhere.


Shouldn’t Apple have more control of who posts their apps in the app store?

They have people reviewing the apps. The apple people may not know about the “real V2” in the first place.

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Oh okay. Thanks for clearing this up.

People should follow @dom to know every information about the real v2

What? They put a fake purchase application?

Guess when the real app comes out we’re just gonna have to make it massively popular and then everyone who has the fake one will realise what they have done :sob:

Ok so i reported this by going to this link: click iTunes then click chat and explain how this is plaigiarism. If multiple people do this then the app will be taken down in no time. Just do it. The Apple workers are very happy to submit a report and to listen to you. image