Could you all help me out?

this is literally the only place i could think of to put this, i really need a couple of people to fill out a survey for me for my work.
could any body help me out? is about horror films :hugs:

I’ll go ahead and take it :wink:

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I got you!

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I would take it, but I’d rather not use a service like surveymonkey for someone I don’t know irl (it tracks people’s IP addresses). Hope you understand

Yeah same here

Exactly, that’s the problem with these external links

I’d recommend something like Google Docs or strawpoll. I don’t think they use your IPs (although I could be wrong)

i know but you can change it before you publish it. dosent matter tho.

i think anyway

Done! :raising_hand_man:t3:

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I am sorry, but I do not fill in any random surveys. Good luck with your survey! :slight_smile:

no problem i have enough anyway.

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