Could we replace the Discord server by talking here live?

Is it possible? :thinking:


@kaden are you seeing this disloyalty


It’s a random thought chill. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ah it’s much easier to talk on discord so I don’t think we can replace it

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remove expert title


I guess.

I’m literally going to do something

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pls show the discord server some more respek

It just got in to my head when I saw comments being posted live on a thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am on the server ^^

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lol im just messin with ya :grin:


You think I don’t smell satire >:)

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discourse does not offer an instant messaging platform, so no


Is it possible? yeah. Is it practical? nah.

I doubt that would be a good idea. Imagine the crash when an influx of users catch drift of any news, on beta or just finding out about the site. Discord was created specifically for masses of people to communicate in real time, forums are for timely fashion messages and communication.

It’s a curious idea, but I think with all the work Kaden put into the Discord, it’s worth using, especially because it’s been so active lately and we’ve had so many new members. We have almost 1.5k :blush:

Perhaps talk a bit more in the server, we have loads of fun!


This topic is purely hypothetical. :smile:

Like thinking how everything would look like in an alternative universe :space_invader: