Could the hype kill V2

All this publicity and build up is brilliant, however could this kill the platform as the information was released too early? I think there may be a real issue of people becoming disinterested before the release.


no. we don’t actually know anything about the app, this forum is for coming up with ideas, and meeting people prior.


Did the hype kill all of the Disney Star Wars Trilogy?


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You don’t explain how it would kill the app. Just being hyped beforehand? I doubt it

@ibrcr people have short attention spans, the fact that people are interested today may not mean that will care tomorrow

No it couldn’t

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It’s a valid question. However, nearly every day since Vine was killed by twitter I’ve seen multiple posts across social media mourning its demise. Now there are all new creators waiting to get on board. Truth is, nobody knows. It may even be better this time around. Vine was about creating, collaboration, sharing, etc. and nowhere near as divisive as other social media. I think people want, and are ready for that again.


@onkelchrispy couldn’t have put it better myself

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I think the people who were only interested in v2 as a way to “become famous” may lose interested by the time v2 launches…but as a whole I don’t think it will have much of an effect. The people who were/are truly excited for the app will stick around for the launch, I believe.


@Kali I think this topic is so dependent on how long a time span we are thinking.

Let’s hope not, I can’t wait for V2 :upside_down_face:

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Hopefully not. I’m very proud to be making history as one of the first 500 users on V2. Its incredibly humbling and I’m trying to keep an open mind about the future of V2. I hope to see lots from some of my favorite viners and accounts. Staying hopeful :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


@RamenTrash we are all hopeful, at the end of the all of us have come together to shape this platform and we all already have a deeper connection to the app than the other users that will sign up after launch!


Very true. We are the pioneers of V2. We are molding it for it’s future. We need to come together to make it amazing.


@RamenTrash welll said☺️

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I see what you’re talking about, I don’t think it could kill V2, but I could see hordes of people complaining about how the app isnt what they thought it could be for whatever reason. People tend to get weird and unrealistic expectations.

I think the hype is good and everyone misses vine. What made vine powerful is that everyone loved sharing the vid and went to other plateforms which created great value and exposure and free marketing for the app. I hope this will happen again.

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@iLinnuc I think the biggest concern is the ‘buzz’ coming to early, once the app is out how many people will remember the viral tweet from 6/12 months earlier ( just a guess for time scale)

I don’t think the publicity and build up will kill the platform, at least I really hope not, but the explosion of early attention and excitement will die down for the people who wanted Vine to get famous. For those of us who are looking forward to V2 to create and make people laugh or smile or just to add to their lives, my excitement won’t die down. I think it can only get bigger haha.


Just realized @Kali said it really well, we had the same ideas haha take a look: