Could the Byte team check and remove if this is a bot?

Hey Byte Team,

I have a like on my page and I’m not sure if it is a bot or not. Is there a way to tell? And if so, can it be removed? If it is not a bot, sorry real person! Hahaha!

Viralbros? :joy:

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Hahaha!! No, not viralbros. Haha!!

Just block that account my dude. You’re so close!

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It doesn’t remove the like when you block an account. I’m sure that’s a bug too, but it didn’t work.

Hhmmmmm. That sucks.

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Right. To come this far and literally have one like will feel a little unsatisfying.


when u will be close to 5k let me know im gonna unlike it :))

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Be prepared to get some hate from people really invested in this. Haha! I can’t protect you!

Don’t speak of RickyAnimoji like this :triumph:


yo tbh, it was a joke, i was gonna unlike that later, but u directed this conversation defferently! what can i say, good fucking luck on your thing <3

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Hahaha!! Definitely not RIcky either. Haha!

Unlike all the things

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:joy::joy: Yes.