Could millenialls stop whining about us on the forum? **READ THE SOLUTION**


yeah, I get it. ive seen the gen z comments.

ive replied to this is many forums, just take it as a grain of salt: you saying you want gen zs to quit or that theyve made the app toxic isn’t helping anything. the people gen z go after are millenials, who some are up to 10 yrs older than those sending the petty comments. us gen z are still young and immature. please put urself into our shoes:

most gen z are lgbtq. on tiktok, we had to face a shit ton of bullying off most people. the reason we’re trying to get u off our app is so we can have an app without being bullied 24/7. people found byte and noticed it had potential, got attached and now want the app to themselves. we love byte, and most people saying “kill all millenials” or telling u to “leave” are just jokes and sarcasm, just as people exaggerate the word “totally” ithin sarcastic sentences. it’s sarcasm and all for laughs.

humour is subjective, thats like making a dirty joke infront of a adults and children: some or even all of the adults would get it, but the children obviously wouldn’t. whilst some comments, yes, do go too far, instead of whining about it on the forum, you should be educating us. again, we’re all young and stupid. most of you millenials are adults who are mature and have a mature mindset.

small little vent because im sick of seeing millenials whine about us here.we’re just trying to have fun, just like you. again, you should be educating us, not calling us “toxic” or saying we ruined the app. if you still have a problem and still complain about us, there is likee, funimate and dubsmash for you all to go to. we’re staying, whether you like it or not.

again,if you are educating us, thank you. i completely understand why you’d be upset by us. this is going for those who are blatantly being rude abt us.



First of all, welcome. I’m sorry that his has been your experience. I’m probably one of the people who are closest to ya’ll in terms of understanding. It’s going to take some time for the people on the forums (and the “OG Byters”) to come around, if they ever will. The forums are going to be full of people who are unhappy with what happened and the way things happened, and I can’t blame them.

With that being said, I think everyone just needs their own space. Both “sides” are going to feel like they’re trying to educate each other, but it’s just going to be yelling at each other for a very long time. I think this will just take time. So I applaud you for even coming to try, and for having the patience and maturity to chat to us. I think everyone’s just going to need some time to stabilise.

As there are bad eggs in your community, there are likely bad eggs in ours too. I hope they don’t ruin your experience, just like how I’d encourage the existing Byte community to not be soured by your bad eggs.


yep! there’s bad people everywhere, in every community. as a gen z, i will admit many people go too far, such as with homophobic comments, racist comments, bullying, etc. theres bad apples everywhere. i just hope we can stick to our sides without causing world war 3.

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This is kind of problematic. I don’t think existing users should be fighting back at all- but I wouldn’t exactly word it as “it’s a joke, just sit there and take it because you’re older and if you don’t like it there are other spaces you can go”

I just got here from tiktok a day ago and damn has harmless fairy comments really turned dark and harassing. We should do better as a community just entering in to know limitations because think about- where is the source of the humor for the joke? Ultimately at the expense of the existing user.
I don’t care about the harmless comments, I’m referring the extremely intolerant and incessant harassment that just crosses the line like: “y’all let’s stop BOOLING them because they’ll actually kill themselves with their :sparkles:anxiety​:sparkles:“ like damn. I don’t claim that. I’m not going to excuse that behavior.

Traumatic childhood or not- we’re from tiktok. We want original content and ultimately a dope place to be.


Isn’t that the same a bully tactics but with the added layer “but but but I was/am bullied for being different”

I am the same but I don’t go on some random place in the internet to people to “kys” or “cmmt s**c*de”.


thats not what i meant:

i do agree that people go to far such as death threats, homophobia, bullying, racism, etc. what i was saying what saying things like “leave :heart:” “no :heart:” are simple jokes and sarcasm because they dont find your content funny.

i said for people to find another app if they keep attacking us rather than educating us and handling it maturely, not that if they are offended they should leave. im 99% sure we all agree, gen z and millenials alike, that some jokes do go too far and you have every right to be offended at what we say, but you shouldnt be attacking us or claiming we ruined the app. if we want change, we should work together, and that requires both side’s co-operation. my post was aimed at those attacking us on the forum rather than being mature about it: not the situation itself.

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read my other reply, please.

I think it’s best that we don’t talk about much about it and move on.

Just hope the OG byte users are not being sent with another wave of death threats and calling them pdf.

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yeah. ive never seen death threats on here but im not denying it because im on alt tiktok and i have seen hundreds of fairy comments telling people to k*ll themselves on there. we should just move on and stick to our own sides and do our own thing.


I can’t wait to see here this app will go. I’m a young millennial so I never found millennial humor funny and I’m also a tiktoker. I had 50k there and just wanted to check it out here to see what’s up, but the mix was flooded with just deep fried ‘alt’ clips and tension that was disappointing. Just want to see cool shit and make friends not people arguing for nothing.

i agree. kinda wish there was a better algorithm, because ive been non-stop watching and interacting with alt content, but i still find og byte content on my mix page. i just kind of ignore it at this point bcs i dont want drama. people are toxic now

I think there’s a point where you realise sometimes people can’t see eye to eye, and it might be best to move on. This applies to all “sides”.

I think the most important thing is to follow them and like their videos. But if you’re really getting sick of it, you can click into #alttiktok or #altbyte hashtags, or search for them in the explore page.

yeah, ive been doing that

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We’re upset because in a matter of days, our funny category that we once enjoyed and was actually funny has been taken over by talentless teenagers who put on some weird colored filter, cover the screen with text, and stare at the camera as if they’re hard or something…demanding us to leave the app and that it’s theirs now. You came right in, followed ZERO rules, have had NO respect, and all the “whining” and complaining and distaste for you that you are seeing is warranted. I’m not going to be like everyone else on here trying to bridge the gap and find common ground. You came in here acting this way. We’re simply fighting back, and we have every right to. Have some accountability. Lastly, I don’t have to “put myself in your shoes.” I’ve already been your age and worn your shoes. I wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t act entitled and disrespectful.



Y’know, funny enough, we weren’t even gonna bully you guys, yet here you are bullying us. Isn’t that ironic, and a bit…Hypocritical of you? :woozy_face:

No, literally, think about it. We’re welcoming you guys with open arms, and yet here we are getting targeted because “oh you guys need to go back to facebook or tiktok sksksksk <3”, when in reality: We’ve been using Byte since the beta days, and specifically been a fan of the project since it was gonna be V2, but instead renamed to Byte. We’d like to be respected as well, to be honest with you, as equally as we respect you guys (ironic, since i’m a Gen Z, but here I am talking like a millennial). We also welcome the LGBTQ+ as they’re cool people as well. So please, read over the rules, be friendly with one another, and we’ll all get together as a happy family. With hearts and loves, Nathaniel Munoz


you can’t generalize a group of people by a few bad apples. the post I wrote was directed to the INDIVIDUALS attacking us.

When people stand up to bullies, this is how they respond 99% of the time. “It’s just a joke! You can’t take a joke?!” You’re not even consistent in your own paragraph here. You want us off the app so you can have it all to yourself, but we’re supposed to take it as a funny joke when you try to run us off the app?

You can complain about how people are reacting to you. Or you can do some self reflection and realize that you’re becoming the bullies that you’re trying to get away from, and make a change.


Fair point though, although, here’s a TL;DR of the post: Let’s just get along, and instead go after the people we despise, RATHER than it being each other. We’re just like you from before, we were immature, stupid and all that type of stuff, but we matured and yeah most of our humor has just changed. Again, just saying: We should ALL get along as a family rather than it being a divorce party. With hearts and love again, Nathaniel Munoz, caring for both the Gen Z and Millennials in the Byte community.

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Thiiiiiissss!!! Perfectly said :ok_hand:

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