What are some things that have been cancelled ( in your personal life)due to the coronavirus ?




Yeah literally everything.


Facts ^


Everything except for my job :pensive:

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So far…
-I got layed off of work
-My university is over now (sounds like good news but trust me it’s not)
-The social entrepreneurship competition I worked hard to get too got canceled
-my Toronto trip is obviously canceled
so now everything in spring is gone I just need to wait what summer plans will be canceled is things don’t change :man_shrugging:t2:

  • University closed and will resume April 5 (maybe)
  • I’ll be working more hours at the hospital (my other job is closed and will resume later in April)
  • my flight got canceled
  • my friends are canceled



My school is cancelled until thursday where they will attempt online delivery for classes. Still up in the air how the rest of the semester will go down. I have benefited from this - projects and papers that I needed more time for have been delayed.

I still gotta work, kinda. Before the outbreak my hours were cut to about one shift a month, so I am not really affected in this regard

I’m not a very social person. I rarely ever leave my house to see friends or do anything, so I am not really affected in this regard

Honestly my lifestyle has proven to be remarkably pandemic-proof and I feel validated


Or governor said school likely won’t resume this year. The original plan was to come back the first week of April. Yeah, not happening. I collected the kids work yesterday.

Everything is closed but the grocery store from 7-9. Take out is drive through or delivery only.

We are trying not to leave at all but hubby works on the Air Force base and he still has to go for now. I am not letting the kids leave the house. I only leave to get what’s necessary.

Let’s hope it’s not like this until August or longer as they are saying. I feel really bad because my son’s 13th birthday is in April and the plans have to be canceled. We will have to make it up to him next year.

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Everything, we are basically on lockdown until the 19th of april.
I have to work from home so that’s nice I guess but tbh I’d rather be at the office though

Everything. Except work, which is being moved to work from home.

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We are closed to being quarantined- most small biz is closed and restaurants are adopting pickup only

Several conferences that I wanted to attend
All the teaching that I do must now transition to online-teaching. How do I teach a lab course online? idk!
Grad students are no longer allowed on campus, so I can’t perform wet lab experiments.
My pole studio is closed
My gym is closed


I lost my job. It’s been an entire month waiting to hear back from unemployment. I have called my state’s office over 100 times (not an exaggeration according to my call logs) and can barley connect to their phone system. So… that for me.

Dang that sucks @evyncollins I really hope things get better for ya. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Da hecc is covid?

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