Coronavirus Tips & Prevention!


Take steps to protect yourself & others:

  1. Clean your hands often ALWAYS
  2. Don’t touch your FACE, if your hands isn’t clean
  3. Put distance between yourself and other people who are sick
  4. Last tip, clean and disinfect!

Reference: CDC


There’s a lot of misinformation out there that is creating this unrealistic fear that fed by the media. If you look at the risk of death based on age, fitness, and lifestyle, then you shouldn’t be worried.

The only thing I’m worried about is everyone over-reacting and doing something they are gonna regret later.


@HenryAndEmma I totally understand where you are coming from, unfortunately not everyone is fit and healthy, especially people’s parents. My mom had a nerve complication from a mastectomy and now her right lung doesn’t fully inflate. My husband has diabetes. My daughter has mild asthma and a history of sinus infections. My son has a scar on his lung from a collapsed lung when he was born. Both my husband’s parents have health complications. Our nephew has severe asthma and requires daily breathing treatments and has already been in the hospital and out of school for two weeks.

I think the danger is not thinking about the danger to others. Sure, I will be fine, but will everyone I come in contact with? We really have to prioritize the health of others, especially if we are fit and can easily survive it.


Yes, if u have health issues, the flu could be deadly as well - didn’t mean to offend anyone- just making a point how many are being sway by the media


I’m not offended. :vulcan_salute:t3::yellow_heart: I just feel it’s important to share different perspectives. There is no way I can expect you to understand why I might panic unless I tell you.

And yes, people die of the flu at a rate of 0.1%. Most humans have some immunity to the seasonal flu. But the death rate for covid-19 is close to 4%. We have no immunity which is why it spreads so quickly. This is really dangerous and we shouldn’t downplay it. IMO


Hey @HenryAndEmma

I understand what you’re saying about misinformation, I sited the info from CDC site. Again, I was just bringing awareness to the community and giving tips. :face_with_head_bandage: stonks feels bad

I attached the link below in my post to CDC… is that credible?


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It was not direct towards u - I was speaking in general about the public right now - for instance, today I went to grocery store to buy stuff for this weekend, the craziness in there was overwhelming.

Sorry u thought it was against u - if it was, I would of @ u :joy: so don’t get all “stonk” about it and have a bless day, Henry