Coronavirus on byters

Did anyone get infected by the coronavirus? It’s beginning to spread rapidly.


Not funny :persevere:


It’s big but I don’t think it’s that big yet. Like it gets on the news every 5 cases pops up, kinda annoying.


Corona is actually a very fast spreading virus but you can fight it if you get. Just don’t loose hope if you have one, go to the doctor and fight for it you will be fine


has it gone further than atlanta ?


wash your hands and don’t touch your face when your hands aren’t clean. this helps reduce the risks of getting the corona virus, namely COVID-19.

if you’re also ill, the cough/ sneeze etiquette should help reduce risks of spreading germs to people around you (doesn’t matter if you have a cold or you just choke). rest well, get better soon and stay healthy to reduce risks of getting any more sickness. the weaker you are, the more easily you get the virus.

don’t need to be panic. just be more hygienic and careful. washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds is one of the best (i’d say the best but in case there are other methods i’m not aware of) ways to keep your hands clean. the hand sanitiser is a temporary solution when you don’t have water (still need to wash your hands with soap + water after).

ps. i still don’t understand why people panic buy tissue paper.
pps. i’m from thailand, currently living in england.


@Francuzz was saying it was pretty bad it Italy but is safe. Hope no byter has it but its getting a little worrying. Stay safe byters. :heart:


2 confirm cases in Phoenix - 6 firefighters first responders were quarantine for transport the infected patient - not sure why, but everyone is buying up toilet paper here

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Today I relocated my work computer and files to my home. My son and I have heart issues and I have to reduce our risk as I work in retail (desk based). I’m also now prepared for potential school closures as my children attend different ones in different towns. I’m lucky because my job allows me to do this, work colleagues can’t as they work on the shop floor.

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Which city do you live in?

Right in the middle of Wiltshire, and one of my children is surrounded by people who’ve just returned from Northern Italy. But because of government guidelines on the day they returned they went to school as normal, this is happening in all the local schools so it’s going to spread.

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We are in Phoenix, AZ and we got 3 cases now - one just announced to the east of us.

Stay safe :heart:

Not just in Italy, we all say it’s bad in Italy but it’s just because in Italy they found many people having it since they got many people checked, like 25000 while in other countries in Europe they barely did 5000 checks. Also keep in mind that in most countries here we have free healthcare, and where I live (Italy) you just call a special phone number and in a few minutes you have doctors at your house checking you for free and get your house isolated, so we are “well protected” or better I’d say “well awared”. I heard of people from the most contagious areas in Italy going to Canada, UK and other places and not even getting stopped nor checked or anything. What I’m saying is: prepare to have an explosion of cases, I’m pretty sure most countries simply don’t think they’re in danger because they don’t know that the virus is spreading among them, cause they haven’t checked enough people. With that being said, I really really hope I’m wrong. And now some tips they’ve been teaching us via TV for the past 15 days:

  1. wash your hands and wirsts with soap often
  2. avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, mouth…
  3. when you sneeze or cough, do it in a paper tissue and then throw it away; if you don’t have one, do it on your forearm, NOT IN YOUR HANDS
  4. avoid crowded places as you can
  5. if you can, please keep 2 m (6 feet) of distance from people
  6. if you feel sick and you have sore throat, fever, muscle soreness, runny nose, cough, other febrile symptoms OR (not AND) breathing difficulties, call a doctor and follow his advice and eventually get a check
  7. MOST IMPORTANT, don’t be paranoid beacuse paranoia is worse than the virus, but at the same time be conscious of the risks
  8. distrust random news you read on the Internet, they can be fake, and rather check your country’s healthcare official website
  9. MASKS DO NOT PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING THE VIRUS (unless it’s a special mask with a filter) BUT THEY PREVENT YOU FROM SPREADING THE VIRUS so you may wonder that you don’t need a mask because you’re fine… well this is the easiest way to spread the virus; if we all wear a mask in crowded places, we lower the chance of spreading and thus of receiving it

Such good and well thought-out advice.

I admit I panicked a bit when it first started. We have two kids that could have possible lung complications so I worry. I ended up at Sam’s Club and bought toilet paper, tissues, cold meds, and water. I was going to get hand sanitizer but literally every store I went to was wiped out. So I bought three boxes of nitrile gloves. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m not crazy, I swear. Well… not psychotic anyway.


Auckland in New Zealand

saw this. think it would be useful.

Only one reported case in my city. I’m being careful because there is a newborn in my house now

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I’m in Houston.

We’ve got like 8 official cases, and I suspect a lot more are coming.
One of the positives went to Ash Wednesday services which was Feb 26th. While Austin as smart and cancelled SXSW, we’ve got the Rodeo going.

Maryland had their cases from the same Egypt (not on the watch list) cruise as us. They’ve declared a state of emergency.


“Everything is fine”:roll_eyes:
We’re at level one warning for my kids’ school, even though the literature they refer to says if there is a case in the county l, we should move to level 2.


Everyone please stay safe and take care of yourself. And if you get sick, don’t panic. Just call your doctor and make sure you stay hydrated.:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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