Cool functions - All my ideas

I would like to have all these functions:
1-create private groups with other members where share our contenet
2-make a content available only to abselected group of people(like first 100 followers or last n followers)
3-make a section on each profile with all related profiles suggested by the creator
4-different level of followers -> option to give n like to unclock contenents?
5-list of some audio with no copyrights to use and apply directly when you record your video
6-possibility to personalize the order of contents of who you follow (something like: newest, most/less liked, most/less watched, oldest…and so on)
7-possibility to create automatic follow links for our v2 account to share on other socials
8-have an app interface that supports both horizontal and vertical layouts
9-I’m selfish so I want the possibility to follow myself

That’s all for now, if I will have new ideas I’ll update this post.

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Yeah Some audio with no copyright would be great

What would the ability to follow yourself get you, just a question

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The first one would probably be stealing from snapchat

No one, just to result as follower of yourself :joy:

I like it so far. But follow yourself? And horizontal? I like it better only vertical.


The time zones are frustrating, I agree we should unclock continents xD

In all seriousness though, there are some good ideas here! I like the option of a vertical layout, that could be pretty interesting! It might look strange on a timeline with non-uniform layouts though is my only concern for that!

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I just thought of a really great way for this to potentially happen.

  1. Rather than suggested by the creator, it could be just the most relevant/similar to your profile, selected by the app itself with coding magic
  2. You are able to, on your profile, type in a series of words separated by commas, and these could function as the keywords that would be best associated with your channel
  3. The app could take that info, potentially factor in things like number of followers, number of loops, or the tags placed on your actual vines as well, and generate a list of 5-8 accounts that are very similar to your own

Also- this keyword list would be private so nobody can just look at a popular user’s tags and recreate them.

Also- a bonus. With this element, a group of you and your friends could, if you wanted to, all talk and put the exact same tags in so that you all come up on each other’s suggested tags. This might also be an issue if big users all do this, so if it needs to be fixed the app could only have a portion of the 8 recommended accounts be based on tags or similar view count, and the rest could be accounts that have low view counts but are similar.

Just an idea I thought of, I think this could really help expand upon the related channel idea proposed by several people here.


I agree with you, that’s sounds better than the my original idea :+1::wink:

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I have the italian keyboard on the phone so the orthographic check creates new words when I write in different languages… :relieved::joy:

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Check this Idea out…

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