Cool and Fun and Original and New Update

that might be a good solutionbut it would bering big black bars on some devices.

I don’t have the ui update so can’t comment on how it looks in use, it doesn’t look terrible to me but I would surely share the frustration if my bytes were being cropped/zoomed in on.


It’s inexcusable. People work hard and on their content.


Prime example why this is an issue:

There’s a Simpsons episode where they tour the Duff factory and the guide shows the group the three different versions of Duff that they brew and sell to the consumers. The punchline is that, a quick pan-up reveals that the three vats are all being fed by three different pipes, which are all attached to the same source vat. When Disney+ came out and released their catalog of Simpsons episodes, viewers noticed that the episodes were cropped at the top and at the bottom. Because of this “standard”, the joke of the three vats being fed by ultimately one big one is completely lost because the visual gag is lost.

Cutting off the video is inexcusable, when creators such as myself and especially @the_ginger format our posts within our understanding of the established boundaries; this including text and any sight gags we may want to put in as elemental additions to the video being focused on. Modifying the ratio of the screen in order to fit within the different sizes of the screens should be a device-to-device parameter, and not an all-encompassing, one-size-fits-all change. Creators who take the time to put in the little nuances notice when things are off-kilter, and they absolutely are.

You may be fine with whatever standard you’re viewing, and that’s fine; however, some of us (especially with an OCD for these things) are not fine with it, but we want to be fine with it (being Byte’s screen standards) again. Hence the initiation of this thread.


Sometimes I like quote things that I feel require some emphasis for the folks in the back. This is one of those moments.


ok so now that I’ve had some :sparkles: thought :sparkles: it does make more sense now that people are mad at that the change in formatting, and as i recall correctly its different for every phone. Yes people my want full screen video but like- a lot of videos are cut off. so i see where y’all are coming from.


I hate the notches that some phones have. It cuts off some of the video




So I just logged into my alt and have the updated UI there. It’s not full screen on my phone and no changes to the bytes you screenshot @The_Ginger.
I’ve been on zen forever and recommend using that if you find the tiktok style too intrusive. I like having the option.

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The screenshot on the right really do be taking up less space though.

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