Cool and Fun and Original and New Update

passion projects die with the artist - there has to be some compromise if you want to chip away at the TT base mindshare

There is very much a psychology with why and how many apps are designed. Some things include the positioning of buttons and features in apps. The UI and changes made to the UI can very much affect the like / comment ratio compared to before. This is why they are testing it to see if it will cause any significant improvement or not.


Haha interesting… Soo my Your Mix still has…

I think maybe that’s a glitch?

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Mmm… Yeees… Ill see if it changes in 24 hours…

Full screen is trash guys.


Rebyte button is (still) hidden. Why? Stupid.


I heard (rumor) that it’s hidden on purpose to avoid it getting spammed. Makes sense to me. I don’t rebyte nearly as often as I like so it doesn’t need to be as accessible


this is that dom said about that-

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It’s an underused tool IMO.

Luckily I am still running test flight beta, and still enjoying the simplicity of the old UI. New layout is really ugly and rolling out something that alters people’s content for the worse (full screen) is really thoughtless.


First of all, we’ll start with a definition, just to agree on a common reference.
Original: the earliest form of something, from which copies may be made.

Like the French chemist Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier used to say, "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, but today we can’t apply this aphorism to the last Beta update.

“UI standards” don’t necessarily have to be integrated the same way, everywhere. Those “little” updates change the perception of the app, because it contributes in creating a uniform video container, where all the information have to be at the same place.
It’s exactly the same point when the “Mutuals” button has been replaced by a text mention “Follows you”. Those standards don’t have to be followed necessarily, especially if you’re trying to build a different video experience.

It’s not the first time things turn this way. One month ago, @The_Ginger explained his feeling about another Beta update. I totally agree with his thoughts and share the same “vision” about Byte.
(cf Byte isn’t Vine, it’s Tik Tok!)
@onkelchrispy also expressed some thoughts about the last update and I’m 100% ok with him.
Those reactions are legit and I support them.

Before all the possible TT shutdowns, Beta updates were unique and created meaningful inputs. We could talk about “Pages”, “Byte Beats”, “Hashtags”, “The Mix” section.
“Byte Sounds” are great because they improved the Byte video experience, inside the app, and not all the video apps do that. The last “Categories” section is cool too.

Many people asked for simple Editing tools (and not all the “standards”) to improve also the experience inside the app, but it seems it’s on the bottom of the roadmap.

Today, Byte sends me notifications pushing me content I already saw and liked. Old rebytes I made are showed in my feed weeks later. My Mix page is not really the content I wish Byte suggested me and some OG Byters left the platform to take a “Break”, just like Ross.

Why do I have this feeling we’re on the Titanic and why the Mods keep playing the music?


You put into words what I could not


that used to be my job before…


i- its kinda good, on a lot of phones there was the previous video and the next video on the screen which was distracting on a lot of phones. its to focus on the one video you want to see.

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For iPhone 11 it’s absolutely awful because you don’t see the whole video. It feels way too in your face. On top of the “new” UI, it’s just so sloppy feeling.





I agree. I think it makes it look overall better on a small subset of phones, but had made it worse for a lot of other people. Seeing the previous and next video always felt distracting and unfinished to me.

I think another possible solution would be to not go full screen and just black out the previous and next video until scrolling


the thing is i have an 11- and it looks just fine to me. and my cousin has an 11 pro- i don’t see much different and how its in your face. it may cut off the video but its to focus on a video.

yeah :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart: :heart:

that might be a good solutionbut it would bering big black bars on some devices.