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So, Dom recently announced that there would be teams in v2. Pretty exciting right? Now you get to team up with a friend and post clips under one name. But, wouldn’t it be cool if there was more to the feature of teams? For example, contests in general?

Weekly or monthly contests would be held for the teams or people that are able to accomplish a certain goal the best. This could be having the most looped theme in the selected category, reaching a number of followers the fastest, most creative /funny way of using a given phrase, etc. Anything to allow for some more fun and interactiveness with the users of v2.

The winners of the contest could be given a position on the “hot” page or “front page” for the next week. This would allow them to gain some popularity and make it easier for people to discover people, besides old viners.

Some rules in order to make the contests fair:

You cannot have over 10k followers, for example, if Thomas Sanders came to v2 and since he’s already a popular media figure, he wouldn’t be allowed to win those kinds of contests.

You’re not allowed to beg for your fans to like your content, if found on any form of media, you’ll be disqualified, this should be genuine.

As for other contests in general, I think anyone should be allowed to join, contests based on themes, which clip is the most creative and funny following a certain theme, etc.

Here are some of the contests names I’ve thought of: Two for discovering new creators and two for everyone. 4 positions would be open on the front page, each week a contest is held of some sort, those winners would be featured on the front page.

Discover Contests:
One for a team
One for the individual - this winner cannot also win if they are part of the team who won the contest

General Contests - themes, the most creative way of using a saying, etc. for fun:
One for a team
One for the individual - this winner cannot also win if they are part of the team who won the contest.

As for the range of contest categories/topics, that’s up to Dom, maybe he could get some ideas from us.

Let me know your opinions and how you would add on to this idea to make it more fun and more balanced for the enjoyment for everyone. Thanks for reading ~ Alex


@dom since no one else cares to look at this.

This is a really cool idea

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Thanks Casey, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

The contests will be like a tournament?? I like it the idea

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Cool idea, it will give a chance for smaller creators to get noticed

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Good idea although there are other threads similar to this that you should check out

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