Contest for videos using Byte Beats - top 3 get prizes

On TikTok, we got contacted & invited from an TT Influencer group into a music promo contest for artist that are trying to promote their new music.

We entered not thinking we could win since there were bigger creators in there but we got #1 in one and #2 in the other netting us $180.

Well, we should do something like that for Byte Beats - would be fun for community the to promote new beats - just an idea. Could be neat prizes, not necessary for money. :blush:


I like it.

Contest, that’s unique… :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be fun to do as a community since there’s so much craziness of recent that we should get back to creating and having fun - gives me a chance to mess with the Beats and loops as well since I’m horrible at loops.

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We stan uniqueness

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Lol, yes and also more exposure to winners. I make beats but I wouldn’t enter in the competition (I’ll support though) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some beats are cool - can beats be background sounds?

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As of now, no. Hopefully, in the future, I stopped using beats because of unable to use for the background sound… need adjustments and volume control

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I agree / cause you and I do mostly skits

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