Content Review

I have a feeling that one if the reasons I have not managed to attain the success other Byte users have is due to my content.

Therefore, can you guys please review my content so that I can improve it and expand my community?

Thank you

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Hey there!

I took a look over your profile on your recent 30 or so posts so strap in for my thoughts

I think you have a good sense of humor but I think there are a few ways you’re not using that to your advantage. I’ll break down into a few parts to stay on point.

Comedy needs to be relatable. This is one key way make a good video. Your videos seem to go 1 of 3 ways. The first type is opinion videos, where you express yourself in a variety of ways to make a point but it’s not a unique take or it isn’t ground breaking. You also choose some niche twitch culture topics sometimes. The second type of video you make is “lol random”, and it has wild chaotic energy but this only flies with children’s humor. I couldn’t say why your videos don’t make them laugh. The third video type you make is a standard joke. There might be a punchline or a pun in it, but you draw it out for too long. These ideas need to be cut down and faster.

Another way you may be missing out is engagement. You get back what you put in. Make sure you’re liking and following and commenting on content you like. People will recognize your name and you will make friends. If you look at someone’s twitter page like a celebrity or comedian, they don’t say anything that’s drastically funny but they will get thounsands more likes than you’ll ever say because people like them. A decent joke from someone you like is better than a pretty good joke from someone you don’t know. Make people like you.

In short, engage with the community. Make friends. Think out your punchlines a little more, don’t wait 16 seconds to get to them. If you want to keep making wild and random videos do it after you’ve made friends. You might have the right energy for it but nobody wants to see it right now. Maybe the friends you make will want to see another side of you?

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