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Content of this post has been Deleted

If she hates you because you didn’t borrow her YOUR laptop something is wrong dude.


Friend, There are several things you should try to change.

The first, Do you trust your girlfriend? Apparently you have put many excuses but the real question, do you trust her?

Second, you or anyone is in control of what is going to happen, you can think that something is going to happen but you will never be sure of this, maybe you will be surprised by things that you do not expect. Never be sure of things that have not happened before.

Third, I do not know how distances are in miles compared to Kilometers, 20 miles I think they are 32 kilometers, look, I tell you that is the distance from my house to my school, in total there are 64 kilometers. So miles is another excuse, you can go public transport or walk, we all enjoy exercising.

In short, friend you have to trust your girlfriend if you do not do that relationship does not work because the main pillar (besides love) is the trust of each other if not, why are they a couple? They could be friends or acquaintances. Also stop making excuses, if you do not want to say I do not want or do not trust you but the excuses do not justify you. If you really do not trust her, leave her, do not make her suffer because of a problem you have. Dont hurt her

Take the initiative to discuss this problem, hopefully you can solve it.

Leave arguing for idiocies, you’re lucky not everyone has a girlfriend

We are human, we all make mistakes :wink:

Good luck


Yaaa I think something similar

Thanks man that is really a great answer really appreciate it…

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