Content From Beta

So will usernames, followers, and content from beta stay available for interaction when the full application releases? Will there even be enough beta users to build a following/user interaction before the full app releases anyways?


Yes, Dom and the team are working on a way so that anyone on the beta can keep all of the followers loops and their videos up and functioning like all the other bytes uploaded after release :+1:


I am wondering about all the content that will uploaded in the beta stage that may go unseen when the full app releases though.

It will be seen from what dom ha stated.

Should all carry over

Yup, it has been confirmed that all beta content will carry over from the beta onto the official release. It is one of the reasons as to why the beta was slightly postponed, in order to ensure that beta content doesn’t get wiped.

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It shall get carried over.

Arghhh :frowning: that ain’t fair on individuals like me who missed the deadline but is as eager as anyone to start on the Beta.

Joking lool I don’t mind as long as I get the app … :slight_smile:


Thanks to the Experts, the question was answered.

Yes, all content will roll over!

Thanks! :blep: