Content Distribution & V2 Growth

It is my understanding that some people (Including myself) are looking to grow through V2. I understand @rickymontgomery created a post ‘How To Ethically Grow Your Account On V2’ where he shared his knowledge and experience from V*ne and how he used it to grow and there is some brilliant knowledge in his post,click here to view his post.

Disclaimer: Fame should not be your North Star going into V2, have a purpose and a vision.

As a digital/social media marketer, I feel I got a few points/ideas to add which anyone can use to help grow. I’d like to point out that going viral is the most powerful way to grow and you cannot control how viral a loop goes but there are ways you can boost your chances which I state below:

1. Distribution

Logan Paul is known for how well he distributed content. Sending messages to large pages to leverage the attention they have to help boost their post, it’s a win-win situation. If your post is good they MIGHT feature it on their page which both you and the page get exposure for. Entering contests is great, you never know you may win so why not try. Also, you can share the loop on other platforms to gain exposure. Just because your post didn’t get many loops doesn’t mean it’s not viral material, save it and upload it to other platforms to give it another chance at bat.

2. Leveraging a current following

If you have a current solid following your laughing. If you don’t, start to establish an audience create relationships for Summer 2018. When V2 releases, if you have an audience on release day you can easily tell your fans to follow your page and go from there. Brilliant for instant growth.

3. Compilations

Compilations are brilliant, everyone and their cat have seen a V*ne compilation at some point. The reason why? They’re brilliant short videos which are highly entertaining and extremely shareable to friends. Once you have a solid V2 Account full of funny videos (or whatever your posting) take the time to make a compilation of them and post them to IG, FB & Twitter (Following my point of distribution).

4. Trends

When the next trends around jump on it and create your own twist on it. Simply mimicking the trend just makes you like everyone else, be creative and add a bit of your personality to it.

5. Collabs (Following on from Point 2 from the previously mentioned post)

Collaborations are excellent for growing. Reach out to people where it will benefit both you and the other person, ensure there is something in it for both of you. Your audience will watch their content in return their audience will watch yours, and if your content is good there is no reason some won’t follow! With the new ‘Teams’ feature announced you and others can collab as a team to inevitably grow eachother (Look at the structure of Team 10)

6. Engage

If V2 allows some sort of interaction with the audience take advantage of it and DO NOT ignore it. People are people and we thrive on building relationships. Trust me! A simple reply to a comment or a like of someone’s comment can go further than you think.

7. Have fun & be creative

People can see right through if your intentions are wrong. Just have fun with the platform and experiment with new ideas, you never know, anything can generate traction.

Bonus Tip: Branding

Ensure that, if possible, your username is the same across all social platforms (I understand that a lot of usernames are taken and you may need to adapt). This will help when someone tries to search for you elsewhere.

Again, ‘becoming famous’ should not be your main goal going into V2 this is a short-sighted purpose. I do not have any experience in ‘going viral’ but from what i have learned and studdied these are some facts i’ve taken away.

Love to hear your thoughts below! :grinning:


Completely agree. Having the freedom and creativity to do what one loves allows them to enjoy making the content and to make better content. V2 will be great!


I really enjoyed reading this!! Thanks for the advice :ok_hand::sunglasses:


Thanks so much for the advice. I think it’ll turn out to be super helpful

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