Consistency of staff support on final app?

How consistent would the staff support be for those who would need to contact support for whatever reason? Was there a slow support system in place on the previous app? Would love your comments and feed back!

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our founder dom has said that he wants to make a forum directly connecting artists and staff, you can look through the forums to find it, unfortunately i don’t have the link


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If you find it send me a link I want to be a v2 creator @kaden

Here is the link to the tweet where he talks about it
Forum for Artists

Thank you

@kaden I was talking more about what was the support like on the previous app when it was running and what is the status on support for the app if it is to come real?

the forum is going to be made so that artists can communicate with staff directly; about the app or anything else

unsure, it hasn’t been commented on