Conservatives Joining Byte

So yeah, people are bringing politics from TikTok to Byte. It’s horrible.


I did that 2 minutes ago. I don’t wanna see them on my mix

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Why not just make a political channel and be done with it. People are not just gonna leave. Byte is becoming the next big thing and no one can stop it!

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Politics usually cause a massive divide in the community, like it did in TikTok. If we want the unified platform we see currently, it’ll be better if we do not include politics.


I saw a vid of there’s and it was funny :joy: good luck stopping what’s coming because Byte is gonna be huge! It’s already on the news

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but politics are bad on an app that wants a united community


Politics is everywhere nowadays. They need a politics channel and be done with it no more issues.

Isn’t politics against tos? I haven’t read that yet but idek.


I just read over the guidelines cause I was curious and it doesn’t actually say anything against politics, no.


so I read/review on byte terms and guidelines it doesn’t state anything about politics. however, ill say this best is not engage with those accounts more so avoid. but, report anything that violets the TOS or Guidelines. if byte decides to censor/shadowban and/or takedown any political accounts that aren’t breaking byte TOS/Guidelines might spike attention outside of this community… maybe negative. :small_red_triangle_down:


Yeah true i get that :100: would not want those issues

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Yooo I only know about them because this girl did a byte of her blocking them :joy:

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I wouldn’t even take the time personally Geds. I’m not going to seek out toxicity to block. I have the moral compass to guide me when I come across a new page and say “I don’t like this”, or “this isn’t right”.

Maybe I’m being over optimistic on what the community can decide is right and wrong for themselves

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No, but it’s pretty clear that targeted harassment is.

I don’t even want to see politics. I come to byte for goofy short videos. To laugh, and get a break.

If everyone follows the rules cool.

If :fairy:‍♂ people are harassing :avocado: people :no_good_man:

If :avocado: people are harassing :rainbow_flag: people :no_good_man:

If :mermaid:‍♀ are harassing :vampire:t2:‍♂ :no_good_man:

If :dog: are harassing :koala: :no_good_man:

This isn’t Animal Farm, and “All Animals are Equal, but some are more equal than others” is not the motto.

“Creativity First” well, technically I think it’s “Video Communities”

Harassment & Bullying are full :stop_sign:, not ok.


You’re not wrong, but I want to throw out there that social media and politics historically are the worst duo of all time and we are not here for news or to be influenced by idealogys. We are here to create.

I think byte is in a unique position to not just go with status quo and accept this as an inevitability, and change something. You can’t stop an individual from making a political post or joke, but a whole channel dedicated to a political idealogy is very different.

I think this is the perfect opportunity to improve the app by putting a foot down, but maybe you still would rather give it its own channel and “just be done with it”, which is fine.

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People will make things political. It’s human nature to have a say. You can’t stop it

Exception made for “OK BOOMER GIRL” Neekolul and her simp army

How we’re prepared to engage with it is the important bit

i mean ppl r gonna express political views regardless but the only political accounts i wanna see on byte are the anprim hype cave and the transhumanist hype tower

the only political views i wanna see on byte are furries in the /pet section :crazy_face:

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