Connectivity issues “fix”

so by now , i’m sure you have at least came across one error , where either a byte will not load , your bytes won’t load , a profile picture won’t load , or just all of the above/anything will not load . I thought since launch that maybe it was just my internet ? but there’s no way , with the error occurring this long that , that is the case , so i just wanted to make a post to let you all know how i have been able to “fix” it , or at least correct it back to its working state for the time being until dom and the team fix this issue . btw i am on an iphone ( not sure if happening to android users , lmk) when getting any connectivity issue ,* i would close out the byte app , turn off my wifi (or cellular data) , turn it back on and reload byte back up , if not fixed retry until error is gone * , i have refrained from making this as i didn’t think it was a huge deal , but as it’s continuously occurring , and i have heard other creators complain about it i figured it was needed , i know the team can be busy so this is not a shot at them , just a “fix” for the community for the time being . thanks and that is all :slight_smile:

edit : if you know how to bold/highlight a part of text on here , lmk how/if you are a mod , you can highlight the part where i explained the “fix” thx


The hero we need AND deserve :pray:


when i’m not thinking and filming new content , i try to find fix’s man lol , trust i want byte to work out and be the best it can be just as much as dom does , and i notice that the connection issues are very very bad right now so glad i could help :muscle:t5::heart:

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have been seeing a lot of people complain ab the “speed” or connect issue so imma bump this for use if needed :slight_smile: