Connecting byte account with Discord account?

I was just thinking that if we had the ability to connect our byte account to our Discord, we could definitely spread the word about byte to the other servers that we’re a part of.
Plus, I mean, we already have a byte community Discord, so it would be great if we could get the connection ability.

I already did a little bit of research and found out that @dom and the devs would have to reach out to the discord team for that feature to be added. And btw, Discord doesn’t have the ability to link TikTok accounts, so we could be way ahead of the game on that one.

What do you guys think?


Mhmm… wondering how this will be implemented :thinking:


I’d really love this. Discord is an awesome platform, maybe some sort of partnership could open up many opportunities :eyes:


This :innocent::innocent:




This would be a very nice feature although Discord will have to think about it

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Linking a specific server would be cool. :eyes:

But what’s the point/what is supposed to happen if you link the app?

If you look at a Discord user’s profile, you can see their linked accounts like their YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Xbox, etc. I was just initially thinking to link it and have that shortcut available for anybody curious about byte or what a user did, but there could be more, like maybe linking your stars and using those somehow.