Confusion with Badges

Yeah, they joined. It stated that they redeemed it.

Muchas graciasss me ayudaste en los tres :heart::heart::heart:

Sip así literal y espera a que se desbloquee

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Omg, then idk i thought they didn’t join :thinking::thinking: that’s strange tho…

Your welcome, I hope you unlock em.


I have had this problem in the past, I decided to not worry about them and be more active in the community.
Bookmark this topic to learn about any changes to forum.

Then check these out. Hopefully they help :grin:

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thanks for the help, bookmarked, will read when i get the chance

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Changed to forum bugs & feedback :upside_down_face:


Ohhh hahah

Hahaha yaaasss

Hey @ash i noticed you changed a few categories my posts went under so thankyou! i’m just never sure where to post them and i mainly put them under general discussion as some of my comments that follow aren’t always relevant to the topic, am i wrong to put it as general discussion in that case?

No worries! The categories can be confusing. If you’re not sure, just put them where you think & we’ll adjust them as needed :slightly_smiling_face: There’s isn’t any sort of penalty for posting something in the wrong category either, so you’re golden!

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okay thanks, i think im getting the hang of it now, have a good day

Check out this thread for all the “Getting Started” badges: How To Complete All Badges (Getting Started)

btw @jennifer, I think those 5 people you invited have to earn the “member” trust level, which comes after basic I think.

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okay thankyou i’m glad this community is very helpful

How can I get the licensed one? I got Certified, but I don’t now how to do the advanced user tutorial.

same here. i think anyway

check here How To Complete All Badges (Getting Started)


@mason_paper follow that link^