Concerned TikTokers

A lot of creators and users are terrified of the TikTok ban, many have made a living off of the app and it’s all they have. I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts on TikTok of these creators saying goodbye for the last time and concerned whether this is it for their creator career. It kills me to see this.

Here’s one creator I came across who broke down in tears:

So I left a comment:

I believe it’s healthy to let creators know that yes TikTok’s possibly getting banned, but the community will live on. As we saw in vine, it wasn’t the app that made it what it’s remembered for today, but rather the community. After it’s passing we saw that community migrate and adapt to what is now TikTok whether you like it or not. Spread positivity and let people know there is a community ready to take in creators from other platforms.


Tbh I was more sad about tik tok possible shutting down for the creators that make content and not the people that watch the content. A lot of people have most if not all of their audience on tik tok. Them losing tik tok would pretty much lose their job and happiness. A lot of people don’t understand that creating the content is their job but it’s their dream job. They are able to make content whenever they want for thousands if not millions to enjoy. I hope if tik tok does get ban that everyone lands on their feet wherever they go.

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this is why i have the emails and phone numbers of my followers. Those platforms will stand the test of time. The same cant be said for social meida. Websites were big in the 2000s and the list goes on